HubSpot Partner Vet Digital expands to Denmark

Vet Digital

HubSpot partner Vet Digital announced today the opening of its new office in Copenhagen. With the new office, Vet Digital is expanding its services to Denmark and the Nordics where it immediately will become a top-3 HubSpot agency. "This strategic step gives us the opportunity to serve customers in Denmark and the Nordics and also increase our European reach", says Erik Verpoort, CCO Vet Digital. Hans Christian Bothmann will be leading the Copenhagen office.

Vet Digital isn’t starting from scratch in Denmark and decided to merge its business with Copenhagen-based HubSpot partner Blue Business. With Hans Christian Bothmann bringing in the expertise and existing customers of Blue Business, the two agencies together form a strong marketing partner in the Nordics. The newly formed agency is a HubSpot Diamond Partner and now has three offices in Denmark and the Netherlands and a combined team of almost 40 digital experts serving national and international customers such as BTE, Elpress, DIS/CREADIS, Mequ and Simatek.

As part of Vet Digital’s expansion strategy, the Copenhagen office will serve as a hub for current and new customers in Denmark and the Nordics. Both companies are pure B2B agencies using the HubSpot CRM suite as the backbone for customers’ sales and marketing growth and tech stack. While the HubSpot and Inbound Marketing side of Blue Business has been acquired by Vet Digital, the non-HubSpot part will remain.

Wider and deeper B2B customer choice

The combined business will now offer customers a wider choice of digital services including inbound- and account based marketing, website design, sales enablement, SEO/SEM, content, design and HubSpot CRM implementations. The mission of Vet Digital is to help B2B companies grow. The combined company has deep experience in B2B marketing, lead generation, web development and HubSpot CRM implementations in verticals like manufacturing, software, legal and consulting. 

Vet Digital’s head offices in Nijmegen and Amsterdam are managed by Walter Aerts (CEO), Erik Verpoort (CCO and founder of Vet Digital), together with Ron Schaminee (CFO) and a team of experts in inbound and digital marketing and sales, web development and HubSpot implementations. The expansion into new geographies like Denmark is part of a long-term strategy that will see the agency move into new territories and serve more international clients.

Erik Verpoort, CCO Vet Digital: "We are thrilled to have Hans Christian join the Vet Digital family and together with him start Vet Digital Denmark. Together we can bring so much knowledge to help organisations in Denmark and the Nordics grow better with HubSpot. We are absolutely looking forward in making use of each other's knowledge and team. I am convinced that we can bring a lot of value to B2B companies in helping them achieve their goals.”

Complementary and logical

Both companies had been eyeing each other for a while. "If you want to deliver even better service, you need new talent all the time. You will automatically look around searching for mergers and acquisitions to give this process a boost", says Ron Schaminee, CFO with Vet Digital. “The same drive and sense of responsibility were found within both companies. Ingredients that are needed to really make the difference for customers.”

Hans Christian Bothmann, Vet Digital Denmark: “It became apparent that the combined teams made sense from a customer value perspective. The ability to offer a wider choice of services and a passion for delivering value to our customers’ awareness and demand generation plans is at the heart of what we do. The customer ratings average of 4.9 (out of 5) based on 200+ reviews is a customer satisfaction level we are proud to have earned and are committed to continuing delivering on.”