HubSpot CRM migration: from preparation to going live

A CRM migration is serious business, but you shouldn’t make it more difficult than it is. If you choose a HubSpot CRM migration, then you are also embracing lots of opportunities for improving your marketing and sales performance. HubSpot has a smooth migration path. This allows you to make a smooth transition to your new CRM without this leading to disruptions in your daily processes. If you need help from an expert, you can rely on the knowledge of Vet Digital, HubSpot Diamond partner. 

CRM Migration

HubSpot CRM migration: what to expect

You’re choosing a HubSpot CRM migration because you want to improve your marketing and sales processes. To take full advantage of HubSpot’s opportunities, you need to know where you stand. The volume and quality of the data in your old system is decisive for this. There’s a well-known reason for that. If that data is not complete or accurate, you run the risk of drawing incorrect or flawed conclusions. When making the switch, it is wise to opt for a four-step migration process. 

CRM migratie

CRM migration roadmap

Are you sure about the inclusiveness and quality of your current CRM data? If not, then an improvement is step one. If the data is absolutely correct, then it’s time to determine which of this data you want to transfer to HubSpot. Vet Digital helps you – if you wish – with this selection. We do this based on years of experience and advising many customers. 

When migrating to HubSpot CRM, step two consists of matching your current data with the HubSpot processes. At this step, you determine the approach and timing of the migration.

If you choose for a migration in a few steps – something we strongly recommend – then in step three you transfer some of your data. You also test whether this data appears complete and correctly in HubSpot. 

The final and fourth step of your HubSpot CRM migration involves transferring all the data completely. You have assurance that this will go well thanks to the test at step three. 

Vet Digital helps you migrate

Once the migration is complete, you can take advantage of the benefits HubSpot offers. You also do this in an intuitive way. The CRM platform is designed for low threshold use and at the same time it delivers fantastic results. Do you have questions about your HubSpot CRM migration needs or could you use help with the transition? Let us know and we’ll help you!

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