Inbound Sales: helping the way customers buy

Nothing is more annoying than losing valuable time to prospects who are not the best fit for your company. In fact, today, potential customers increasingly determine what information they consume and from whom. This requires a different sales approach. With Inbound Sales you start the sales process directly with leads that have already shown interest in your company. You put the needs of your potential customer at the center and approach them in a personal way. In doing so, you help in a way that matches how prospects buy. In other words, you help potential customers. In this way, you create a more efficient and personalised sales process that generates more and better leads.

Inbound Sales

Excellent customer experience

With Inbound Sales, the sales process is completely adapted to the customer’s buying process. The most important thing is that the needs of the customer come first. In every conversation. Remember that the customer invests their precious time to talk to you about their challenges. They want to know if you can help them overcome barriers. Helping, that’s what it’s all about. Helping, by not selling. 

With Inbound Sales you help your potential customers at every phase of the customer journey. That’s why it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other side of the table and think from their needs. What needs or challenges do they have? How can you help them with that? And at what times? Inbound Sales also means that you only get in touch with a potential customer when they are ready. 

3 Benefits of Inbound Sales

  • More and better leads
  • More efficient and personalised sales process
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • 1. Identify

    The starting point is identifying and qualifying leads. After you and the marketer(s) have determined who your ideal customer is, you can prioritise your leads much easier and bring focus to your work. The more feeling you get with this, the more you can work toward a predictable and scalable sales funnel. Goodbye useless miles and traffic jams ;-). 

  • 2. Connect

    Once in conversation with the lead, you can determine whether there is a rapport and whether you can help the customer with their challenge. If the answer is YES, then it becomes a qualified lead, and you move on to the next stage. If the answer is NO, then there is little point in investing time on both sides. 

  • 3. Explore

    In the “Explore” phase, the real helping begins. By continuing to ask questions, you get a better picture of the company, and it becomes easier to empathize with the person across you. In this phase, you may still have conversation by phone or video, depending on distance, match, and type of client. By repeating and confirming the topics that are important to the client during the conversation, you ensure that you have a clear understanding of the client’s challenge. It also shows that you understand your interlocutor. Only when you are 100% sure where you can help them are you able to advise. 

  • 4. Advise

    While advising, you assess which products or services fit the challenges. Does your current way of working suit this challenge or is customisation needed? Try not to think in fixed patterns but always try to stay in the ‘help’ mode. How do I help this customer with his problem?

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Our Inbound Sales services

Inbound Sales is an effective and sustainable way of building relationships and generating leads. Developing a good strategy takes time. That is why we support you with setting up an effective sales process. We can help you with:

In several workshops, we help you to assess your current sales process and together with your sales team we will optimise, (re)structure and automate where possible. For example, think about securing your Excel lead lists in HubSpot, creating dashboards, securing the deals and aligning your marketing and sales team. 

We help you set up the HubSpot CRM so that your processes are simpler, more efficient, and more manageable. Think of:

  • Setting up the CRM system based on your processes;
  • Setting up sales automation; 
  • Performing integrations with other systems;
  • Setting up and reviewing basic reports; 
  • Pipelines, forecasting and dashboarding.

This way you can start receiving, processing, and analydsing leads with a strong foundation. Read more about the Sales Hub here

Want to take your sales department and sales process to a higher level? Our sales experts will guide your team to closing more deals. We offer various workshops, such as a sales process training, marketing & sales alignment, a goal setting training and more. We also provide customised training tailored to your needs, sales team, and organisation. Check out our full range of workshops to improve your sales performance. 

Are you working with a tool other than HubSpot for your sales activities (Salesforce, for example) and want to keep this tool? Then we would be happy to work with you to integrate your existing tools with each other so that you target audience’s customer journey becomes fully transparent.

Less time on administration and more time on sales? We provide you with productivity tools so you can spend your valuable time on the sales process.

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