Together with our customers, we write success stories!

Achieving greater success comes through close cooperation and involvement. From everyone's specialism, forces are combined and as a result, more online results are achieved. Vet Digital is #proud of its customers and the successes they achieved. Read some of the testimonials below.


Elpress | From website scan to successful Inbound Marketing machine

Since 2015 we have been working with Elpress: a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial hygiene. Elpress focuses on the international market with major customers such as Pringles and Friesland Campina.

Our collaboration started with a request for a website analysis. Several successful inbound campaigns later, we migrated the website (in 6 languages) to HubSpot CMS. Read how an Inbound website and Marketing campaigns created a successful Inbound Marketing machine for Elpress.


Mansystems | Technically prepared for Inbound Marketing

Mansystems specialises in developing low-code applications. The company wants to generate more leads through Inbound Marketing and selected HubSpot as its marketing automation tool. Consequently, Vet Digital helped Mansystems with the technical onboarding and content creation in HubSpot.

Mansystems' goal was to reach organisations that want to develop applications with low code. The company was appealed by HubSpot's Inbound method, which is why they chose Vet Digital as their knowledge partner. Once we put Mansystems at pole position, both technically and substantively, we started generating leads at full throttle.


Moso | New website optimized for Inbound Marketing

MOSO® is a leading supplier of high-quality bamboo products in more than 50 countries. In 2019, MOSO® turned to Vet Digital for a new easy-to-manage website. We renewed the structure, design, and functionalities of the website. At the beginning of 2020, their new website was launched in 9 different languages.


Lease Deal | Deal Automation using HubSpot is an independent leasing platform for suppliers and SME entrepreneurs. enlisted Vet Digital's support to automate the entire application process using the HubSpot platform.

With its state-of-the-art lease platform, offers an online environment (Lease As A Service) in which suppliers can easily arrange the lease application of SME entrepreneurs themselves. Read the testimonial and find out how we helped


ICTRecht | New website focused on Inbound Marketing

ICTRecht is a full-service consultancy firm, that is specialised in the world wide web, ICT, and privacy laws and regulations. ICTRecht wanted a new, completely refurbished website that is not only clear but also connects to the various target groups and offers better conversion possibilities. Vet Digital delivered the updated website in HubSpot CMS at the start of 2020. Furthermore, we made sure it was optimally equipped for Inbound Marketing. Read the story of ICTRecht!


Filmolux | From cold calling to HubSpot Enterprise

A new director made short work of the old-fashioned state of affairs within Filmolux. He decided to start with HubSpot and at the same time engaged in a collaboration with Vet Digital.

More than 50% of the website traffic now comes from blogs. Besides, their current response ratio to emails is very good. Director Erik Geutjes is migrating all national Filmolux departments to a HubSpot Enterprise account. The idea? To create an improved cooperation between all countries via one platform: HubSpot.

Efficiently & easily. Want to know more about this collaboration? Read the Filmolux testimonial!


Fourpoints | What does 12 years of Vet Digital support yield?

In 2010, Vet Digital started collaborating with FourPoints. We helped them expand their customer base and went all-in with Hubspot. Within just a few weeks, an impressive flow of data had been created inside and outside the tool.

Fast forward to 2022. Thanks to the combination of HubSpot and Vet Digital, the FourPoints website currently generates dozens of leads per month - quite a number. “We went from 'We do everything for everyone' to 'We are great at BI and work for SMEs+'. This works like a charm,” says Remco. “Thanks to lead qualification, we also discovered that small municipalities could make good use of our expertise.”

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