Inbound Recruitment: let employees find you

What if the right candidates came to you instead of you actively looking for them? That is exactly what Inbound Recruitment does: connecting potential employees to your company at an early stage, with the aim of receiving the right applications at the right time

Inbound Recruitment

The power of content

Inbound Recruitment is all about creating and sharing valuable content for potential employees. By creating content that matches the search query and by sharing it in the right places, the ideal candidate will automatically come into contact with you. You can think of content that shows what you have to offer as a company. For example: what is the culture, what kind of people work there or what does a working day look like? With the right content and conversation points, you ensure that potential candidates make themselves known to you instead of you actively looking for them. 

5 Benefits of Inbound Recruitment

  • More potential candidates
  • Filling vacancies faster
  • Better online discoverability
  • A stronger employer brand
  • Better position in relation to your competitors

How does Inbound Recruitment work?

Inbound Recruitment works on the same principle as Inbound Marketing: building early relationships with the target audience by offering valuable content that helps them through each stage of the customer journey. It is very important to think about what your ideal employee is looking for. With the right approach, you will realise a growth in traffic and attract the potential candidates. 

  • Phase 1 | Kick-off workshops

    During the kick-off workshop, we want to learn as much as possible about your business. During this session we will determine together:

    • Who your buyers or your ideal employees are
    • Where they are located
    • Which content, aimed at your candidates, is already available
    • What we want to achieve together with Inbound Recruitment
  • Phase 2 | Content mapping

    Then it is important to determine together a direction for the first campaigns. Which positions need to be filled soon and what does the potential employee want to see from your company? Here we are not just going to work on gut feeling. On the contrary! After an extensive keywork research we determine where there is actual search volume. This is how we discover what your ideal employee is searching for and how we can best respond to this.

    Then we plan a joint brainstorming session and determine the themes and topics. 

  • Phase 3 | The first inbound campaign

    Now we can really get started! The campaign theme has been determined and the topics for each phase of the employee journey have been filled in. The content is written by experienced copywriters and rolled out and marketed online by the Vet Digital team.

  • Phase 4 | Measuring is knowing

    In this phase, we check whether the campaign is working as we predicted and whether the predetermined objectives have been achieved. Various optimizations are possible within campaigns. Think of expanding blogs, adjusting call-to-action buttons, analysis through A/B testing, etc. By analysing and optimising non-stop, we ensure that the quality of candidates remains superb and that the number of potential candidates is increased as much as possible. 

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