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Inbound Marketing: 
A powerful magnet for leads 

To reach prospects and connect them to your brand or company sustainably, you need to put your customers' needs and requirements first. What does your buyer want, what are their challenges, what causes them stomachaches and how does your service solve this? That’s the core of Inbound Marketing: attracting prospects, by sharing valuable content that responds to the issues that matter to them. With the right approach, you ensure that customers find you, ensuring a continuous flow of traffic and leads.

Inbound Marketing
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60% more leads through new website and Inbound Marketing - Jannes Voss

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The power of content

Inbound Marketing is all about building relationships with potential customers early, by offering valuable content that helps them at every stage of their customer journey. The idea behind this is that by creating value, potential customers become interested in your product or service. This is how you bring your company to their attention in a natural way, and you start a solid flow of leads. 

The basis of Inbound Marketing consists of content marketing: a marketing strategy where you attract potential customers to your website by creating relevant content like a magnet when they need you. It’s an interplay between your website, content, social media, SEO, SEA and email marketing. By offering the right content, in the right channel and at the right time, consumers looking for information will automatically come into contact with your content at their convenience. This ensures your content receives full attention. With valuable content in the form of blogs, white papers, articles, videos, and e-books, you show that you are knowledgeable. You will also increase your online discoverability in search engines (SEO), because your website is ranked better. With the right approach, you realize growth in traffic and attract potential candidates.

5 Benefits of Inbound Marketing

  • A continuous flow of traffic and leads
  • More potential customers
  • Strong and sustainable customer relationships
  • Better online discoverability
  • Positioning your company as a knowledge leader
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How does Inbound Marketing work?

Inbound Marketing is all about building long-term and lasting relationships with potential customers. You do this by supporting your customer as best as possible on their customer journey. Inbound Marketing is based on the Flywheel philosophy that describes the process from stranger, to lead, to customer to promoter. This process follows the following 3 stages:

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Delight
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  • Attract


    Basically, it’s all about attracting potential customers by offering relevant content in the form of blogs, white papers, podcasts, e-books, social media or video. By publishing this content on your website, you create a good position in online search engines (SEO). This way you will be found organically faster by potential customers who are looking for this information. 

  • Engage


    In this phase, you make sure you get in touch with your prospects to build a long-term relationship with them. You do this first by keeping leads warm in a focused and sympathetic way with information that is of value to them. At the right moment you contact them, or prospects contact you. In this phase you show your added value and help the customer on their customer journey. 

  • Delight


    Even after closing the deal, you continue to invest in the relationship with existing customers. With helpful content, good services, and optimal customer services, you ensure that customers remain satisfied, remain customers longer and perhaps even become ambassadors for your company. Keep that positive feeling and continue to enthuse customers about your company and services.

  • Phase 1 | Technical onboarding

    Have you chosen HubSpot? Then in the onboarding phase we ensure that HubSpot is set-up correctly for your situation. This includes linking forms to your website and setting up templates. Even if you do not choose HubSpot, we ensure that essential tools such as Google services (such as Analytics and Google Search Console) are set up properly.

  • Phase 2 | Kick-off workshops

    During the kick-off workshops, we want to learn as much as possible about your business. During this session we determine together: 

    • Who your buyers or your ideal customers are
    • In which market(s) they are in
    • Which content, aimed at your buyers, is already available
    • What we want to achieve together with Inbound Marketing. We look at your business objectives as well as the sales and marketing objectives. 
  • Phase 3 | Content mapping

    Then it’s time to determine together a direction for the first campaigns. An important question is: which themes are important to your potential customer? Here we don’t just proceed on gut feeling. On the contrary! After an extensive keyword research, we determine the actual search volume. This is how we discover what your ideal customer is searching for and how we can best respond to this. Then we hold a joint brainstorming session and determine the themes and topics. 

  • Phase 4 | The first Inbound Campaign

    Now we can really get started! The campaign theme is determined and the topics for each phase of the customer journey are filled in. The content is written by experienced copywriters and rolled out and marketed online by the Vet Digital team.

  • Phase 5 | Measuring is knowing

    In this phase we check whether the campaign is working as we predicted and whether the predetermined objectives have been achieved. Various optimisations are possible within campaigns. Think of expanding blogs, adjusting call-to-action buttons, analysis through A/B testing, et cetera. By analysing and optimising non-stop, we ensure that the quality of leads remains superb and that the number of leads increases. 

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