HubSpot Sales Hub

How do you place prospects and customers at the centre of streamlined sales processes? Remove friction in your processes, get an overview of your deals and give your sales team the tools to be as productive as possible. All this you can manage in HubSpot Sales Hub. 

HubSpot Sales Hub brings all the tools and data about your sales process together in one user-friendly platform. On this platform, your entire sales team will have better insights, work can be automated and deals can be closed faster.

Inbound Sales
  • E-mail templates & tracking

    Use email templates that are easily customisable and inform your contact's data. This way you'll know exactly when an email has been opened through email tracking. Follow up your lead directly and close the deal!

  • Meeting links

    Do you want to schedule a meeting with a lead or customer? Send your personalised meeting link instantly and the recipient can choose a time that works for everyone!

  • Track your phone calls

    Make phone calls via your internet browser and record your notes directly in HubSpot.

  • Deal pipeline

    Add deals and tasks to your pipeline and follow all developments. You will immediately see how likely you are to win the deal.

  • Sales automation

    Make sure you stay top-of-mind with your prospect throughout the sales process with automated emails and follow-up tasks.

  • Analyse and report

    Get insights into your processes, close rates and sales forecast.

  • Issue quotes

    Create personalised quotes quickly and easily with HubSpot Sales Hub.

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HubSpot: an all-in one platform

HubSpot is an all-in-one platform. Together, the various Hubs form a powerful tool for acquiring and retaining customers. For the best results, complement HubSpot Sales Hub with Marketing, Service, CMS and Operations Hub.

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