Everything you need to know about HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing & sales platform that helps businesses grow. The possibilities with the platform are endless. HubSpot provides software to support you with marketing, sales, customer service and CRM. It’s even possible to build your website in HubSpot. Read all about HubSpot below and find out if HubSpot is right for your business.


What is HubSpot

HubSpot is the market leader in Inbound Marketing & Sales software. For HubSpot, it’s not about marketing statements or sales pitches, it’s about the customer. What information does the customer want, what does the customer want to hear from you, how can you best help the customer?

HubSpot has developed its platform around this philosophy, incorporating all elements for an optimal customer experience; from marketing to sales and customer service with an extensive CRM and even a CMS. You can use all the software separately depending on your needs, but you can also use a complete HubSpot package. This allows all departments within your company to work together and reinforce each other. 

What is HubSpot

The different HubSpot Hubs

Lead generation aligned with the Inbound methodology

With an outbound lead generation method, you mainly try to convince your potential customer of your product or service. This is done, for example, by using advertisements, billboards, cold calling, etc.

The inbound method is all about providing the right content to the right audience at the right time. It is all about delivering relevant content that answers real questions from your target audience, so they find you instead of the other way around. You create this attraction, for example, by writing high-quality blogs and white papers

Inbound Marketing
  • E-mailmarketing

    95% of consumers who are active online have an email account. That alone is enough reason to consider email as a serious marketing tool. Email marketing is a relatively cheap marketing tool to get many visitors to your website. This applies to new customers as well as existing customers. Email marketing also has a very good ROI and is easy to automate through Marketing Automation.

  • Content marketing strategy

    Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy in which you attract (potential) customers like a magnet to your website when they need you by creating high-quality content. It is an interplay between your website, content, social media, SEO and email marketing. The counterpart of Inbound Marketing are outbound methods such as advertising, telemarketing and TV advertising.

  • Social media advertising

    Social media cannot be missing in your Inbound Marketing Strategy these days. Social media, the name says it all, add a social dimension to your marketing strategy. You can make use of social media advertising to bring your content to the attention of a large audience, increase brand awareness and reach new fans.

  • SEO

    How can you make sure your website attains top search engine results? Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! However, SEO is not a simple trick. It is a continuous optimization process in which many factors are important.

  • SEA

    With Search Engine Advertising (SEA) you can reach your audience in an effective and cost-efficient way to grow your business online. SEA is an interesting marketing tool that allows you to increase your findability in search engines at an attractive investment to generate more brand awareness, visits, and conversions.

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What to expect from B2B lead generation

  • More relevant traffic to your website
  • More qualitative leads through your online channels
  • A clear message about your products or services
  • More efficient execution of your marketing & sales activities
  • Better insight into the number of leads you receive
  • More insight into approaching your leads at the right time with the right content

More & better leads with a content strategy

By properly researching the needs and questions of your potential customers in the different stages of his buyer’s journey, you can respond well to the needs of the leads. It is relevant to know that in this buying process, leads have already conducted 60% of their search for the right solution online before they even get in touch with marketing or sales. Even more reason to offer your potential customer all the tools online that will make him come to you and not to your competitor. So, with a sophisticated content strategy, you can bring in more leads. An additional advantage is that you get better quality leads with this inbound method. As a result, your sales department spends less time with leads that will ultimately not purchase anything.

Content mapping

Our Inbound Marketing method

Do you need help setting up the Inbound Strategy with a good lead generation strategy, completing your content marketing, applying lead nurturing and making the best use of the marketing automation tool HubSpot? Vet Digital can help you with this. But before you can realize an explosion of traffic and valuable leads, we always go through a number of phases. These include the technical set-up of the HubSpot automation tool, a kick-off workshop, content mapping, setting up the first campaign and continuing to measure and optimize your marketing and sales effort.

Our Inbound Marketing method is described in detail on this page.

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Lead nurturing

Lead generation is not only about bringing in new leads, but also about following up leads in your organization to convert them into paying customers. Once a potential customer has made himself known to you (by filling in his email, name and possibly more personal information) you can follow up this lead with relevant content. The transfer of the lead within your organization to the appropriate department must be very clear internally. When is a lead ready to be contacted personally by representatives of your sales department? These are things that need to be figured out and defined in your lead nurturing process.

Lead nurturing

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