Account Based Marketing: focus on your ideal customer

Imagine starting your sales process directly with your best qualified leads? With Account Based Marketing you focus on specific individuals and companies. This way you can start building highly personalised experiences for your best leads. With the right approach, you will win over your customers and realise a higher ROI and greater customer loyalty.

Account Based Marketing

Stop selling, start helping

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy that entails Marketing and Sales working together to perform account-specific outreach on pre-selected accounts. A good ABM approach is not about selling, but about helping. Consultative selling is what we call it. By aligning your Sales and Marketing around a defined set of accounts, you provide existing and prospective accounts with valuable and relevant content and advice instead of unsolicited sales info. 

Providing valuable content is fundamental to this. But first, it’s important to know what’s going on in your ideal client’s mind and how you can help them. Then you move on to offering personalised communications, content and campaigns that respond to their issues. think account-aligned emails, white papers, e-books or videos. The more account relevant you can be, the more likely your chance is of connecting with your target accounts and winning their trust and business.

5 Benefits of Account Based Marketing

  • Focus on qualified target accounts
  • Targeting a select group of ideal customers
  • Strong collaboration between marketing and sales
  • Optimised marketing and sales process
  • Higher customer loyalty

Account Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Although with ABM you focus your marketing and sales on a smaller – already known – group of target accounts, the basis of a good Account Based Marketing approach is still Inbound Marketing: building relationships early with your target audience by offering valuable content at the right time, while combining it with the precision of account engagement. With Account Based Marketing you then build on this by offering a highly personalised experience deep into your target accounts.

Inbound Marketing
  • Phase 1 | Kick-off workshops

    During the kick-off workshop, we want to learn as much as possible about your business. During this session we determine together:

    • What we want to achieve together with Account Based Marketing
    • Who your target accounts and buyers are
    • What market(s) and type of organisation(s) they are in
    • What the Decision Making Unit of the target accounts look like
    • What the potential turnover is and what the chance of success is
    • What your sales process looks like and how we can optimise it
    • Which content, aimed at your DMUs, is already present
  • Phase 2 | Content mapping

    Then it’s time to decide together a direction for the first campaigns. An important question is: what topics are important to all DMU members of your target accounts? Here we don’t just proceed on gut feeling. We speak with stakeholders in your organisation and preferably also with one or more existing customers. This is how we discover how the DMUs are put together and what’s going on there. Then we plan a joint brainstorming session and determine the themes and topics. 

  • Phase 3 | The first ABM Campaign

    Now we can really get started! The campaign theme has been determined and the topics for each buyer and their customer journey are completed. The content is created and rolled out online by the Vet Digital team through the most relevant channels. 

  • Phase 4 | Measuring is knowing

    In this phase, we check whether the campaign is working as we predicted and whether the objectives have been achieved. We look at how often the DMU has visited the website, how often emails have been opened or clicked on, how often true interaction occurs and whether content has been downloaded. And above all: do we succeed in getting in touch with the target accounts? By analysing and optimising non-stop, we stay on top of whether things are going according to plan and can adjust quickly. 

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