HubSpot CMS: benefits, templates and pricing

Is HubSpot CMS Hub completely new to you? Or are you planning to migrate your current CMS to HubSpot CMS Hub? Either way, you have landed on the right page. On this page we explain the 6 most important benefits of the easy-to-use and comprehensive CMS Hub and demonstrate the features that are included.

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HubSpot CMS: benefits, templates and pricing

Why choose CMS Hub?

HubSpot CMS Hub makes it very easy to create blogs, landing pages, website pages and emails. Uncover the results of your marketing efforts with the help of custom reporting and campaign dashboards. HubSpot's smart features are also directly available on your website and landing pages. Think of smart forms and CTAs for example.

Do you want to utilize your visitor data to personalize your website content? This is entirely possible in the HubSpot Content Management System! Because your client data is stored in the HubSpot CRM, you can segment your contacts on particular characteristics and personalize your content so that it matches the visitor's location, preferences, or mobile device screen.

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CMS HubSpot
  • Easy to edit pages

    Create and edit pages easily with the drag-and-drop system - and thus without code.

  • SEO recommendations

    Get instant insights into what you could improve about your on-page SEO.

  • Personalize your content

    Create personalized content based on your CRM data.

  • Build a fast and secure website

    The hosting, CDN and security of your website are handled internally at HubSpot.

  • Improve your website continuously with A/B testing

    In the CMS Hub, it is directly possible to run A/B tests.

  • CTAs and forms

    Add instant CTAs and visitor forms to your website and landing pages.

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The benefits of CMS Hub explained

  • Easy to edit pages

    Easy to edit pages (without coding)

    Coding is not for everyone. Fortunately, in Hubspot's CMS, you have a page builder with a Drag-and-Drop feature. You can easily add images, buttons and text. Just simply drag and drop the module you want to add to the block on the page where you want to place it.

  • SEO recommendations

    SEO recommendations

    HubSpot offers SEO recommendations in its CMS, so you can enhance the discoverability of your website on search engines like Bing and Google. HubSpot CMS offers a wide range of recommendations personalized to your situation.

  • dynamic content

    Personalize user experience with dynamic content

    Another great benefit of HubSpot Content Management System is that you can make use of so-called "Smart content”. With smart content, you personalize your website pages for individual visitors. Smart content gives you the following possibilities:

    • You can address your visitors by their names.
    • You can have forms filled in automatically with your visitor data.
    • You can tailor content on a webpage to the interest of an individual visitor.
  • fast website

    Build a fast and secure website

    In HubSpot CMS, you do not have to worry about the security and hosting of your website. This is all taken care of by HubSpot. HubSpot CMA also has a built-in global CDN, or Content Delivery Network. Without a good CDN, it becomes hard to get a fast website. Fortunately, with HubSpot CMS, you no longer have to worry about this. 

    Do you want to get your website functioning optimally? And attract as well as convert more website visitors? We can optimize your website for you!

  • a/b test

    Improve your website continuously with A/B testing

    HubSpot CMS has a built-in A/B testing tool so that you can substantiate your marketing choices with data. In HubSpot, you can show your visitors two versions of a website page. Always change only one element on the page and test which changes enhance performance. This way, you can take an evidence based approach to conversion rate optimization!

  • CTAs and forms

    Easy and instant use of CTAs and forms

    Retrieve the necessary data from your website visitors with the help of CTAs (Call-to-Actions) and lead generation forms. Because without the email address of your website visitors, you cannot further convert them into customers. In Hubspot, it is very easy to use both CTA buttons and Forms. You can also A/B test your CTA buttons and make smart forms. This way, you increase your chances of converting your website visitors into satisfied customers.

HubSpot CMS themes + templates

In HubSpot CMS you get free access to all kinds of themes and templates with which you can easily design your website.

Make sure you choose your theme carefully. The theme you choose largely determines which (and how many) templates you have access to. For instance, there are themes with only 7 different templates, but there are also themes with 15+ templates. In the image you can see an example of the different templates that fall under a specific theme. You can choose from templates for your homepage, contact page and landing pages. This way, you build your website page-by-page.

HubSpot CMS: prices and options

Do you want to purchase HubSpot CMS for your business? If so, you can choose from the below package options. Keep in mind that the first two options are meant for starters only. Do you want to use HubSpot CMS in the long term? Then we would recommend using CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise.
  • free-tools

    Free tools

    With HubSpot's Free CMS tools, you can start building your website completely free of charge. However, the options in the free CMS version are quite limited. For example, you cannot create CTAs and a HubSpot logo will be displayed on all your website pages. For more details on pricing, check out the HubSpot pricing page.
  • hub-starter

    CMS Hub Starter

    A HubSpot CMS Starter package offers basic SEO recommendations and you can create up to 50 pages in total. However, if you are planning to set up a hefty blog section? Then 50 pages will not be enough. For more details on pricing, check out the HubSpot pricing page.
  • hub-professional

    CMS Hub Professional

    CMS Hub Professional gives provides a lot of extra options. For example, you can create as many as 10,000 pages. You also get extensive access to all kinds of HubSpot dashboards. For more details on pricing, check out the HubSpot pricing page.
  • hub-enterprise

    CMS Enterprise

    Do you want to take full advantage of HubSpot CMS? Then the HubSpot CMS Enterprise package is the perfect choice. Why? For one, in includes adaptive testing and you can build custom objects. For more details on pricing, check out the HubSpot pricing page.

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