HubSpot CMS Hub

Build your website in the easy-to-use CMS Hub

In HubSpot’s CMS Hub you manage your website content in one system without in-depth technical knowledge. Combine the CMS Hub with the HubSpot CRM to personalise and enhance the entire customer experience!

HubSpot CMS Hub

Why HubSpot CMS Hub?

The CMS Hub makes it very easy to create blogs, landing pages, website pages and emails. Subsequently, you can view (and report on) results in dashboards. In addition, HubSpot’s smart functions such as forms or smart CTA’s are directly available on your pages.

Do you want to personalise your content based on visitor data? This is also possible within CMS Hub! Because the data is stored in the HubSpot CRM, you can personalise content, for example, based on location or the visitor’s device.

CMS HubSpot
  • Drag-and-drop

    Create and edit pages with the drag-and-drop system – instead of using code.

  • SEO recommendations

    Get instant insights into what can be improved about your page from a SEO perspective.

  • Smart content

    Create personalised content based on data in your CRM.

  • Hosting, CDN and security

    Both the hosting, CDN and the security of your website are handled internally within HubSpot.

  • A/B testing

    In the CMS Hub, it is directly possible to run A/B tests.

  • CTA's and forms

    Instantly add CTA's and let visitors fill out forms on landing pages.

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