UX Design: the optimal experience

The success of a website stands or falls with the user experience. Website users must be able to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. If not, they may quickly leave your page again. UX Design focuses on improving a website by optimizing the user experience. This is of utmost importance, because a good website generates more conversions and has a higher online discoverability. 

UX Design

The user is central

UX design stands for ‘User Experience Design’. It is a collective term for optimizations that focus on increasing the useability of a website. UX Design focuses on providing your visitors with an optimal experience. In other words, you make sure that your website matches the needs and expectations of your visitors. Is the website valuable? Does it provide the information they are looking for? Can they find this information quickly and easily? Do they reach their goal? By offering visitors a great experience on your website, you meet their needs. This ensures more returning visitors, a more successful website and more conversions.

There are several elements that UX Design focuses on, such as interaction design, website functionality, information architecture and user research. What would that look like on your website? Consider, for example, a web design that matches the target group, distinctive call-to-action buttons, and clear navigation. 

Website development

3 Benefits of UX Design

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Better online discoverability

  • Higher credibility
UX Design
  • Phase 1 | Buyer persona workshop

    The starting point of UX Design is to provide the user of the website with a great experience. That is why we start by getting to know and mapping out the target group. We do this together by creating buyer personas. 

  • Phase 2 | Plan & production

    After we have gained insight into the wishes and needs of the target group, we translate that into concrete solutions. Once the plans are approved, we move on to the production of the materials and content. We will start developing a sitemap, wireframe, web design, concept board and a draft of the website. We also look at other optimisations such as SEO. 

  • Phase 3 | Analysing data and continuous improvement

    Even after going live, we’re not done! We use data to continuously improve to get more results from your website. This way your website always remains up-to-date and successful long term! 

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