Elpress: From website scan to successful Inbound Marketing machine

Since 2015 we have been working with Elpress: a leading manufacturer in the field of industrial hygiene. Elpress focuses on the international market with major customers such as Pringles and Friesland Campina.

Our collaboration started with a request for a website analysis. Several successful inbound campaigns later, we migrated the website (in 6 languages) to HubSpot CMS. Below you'll read how an Inbound website and Marketing campaigns created a successful Inbound Marketing machine for Elpress.

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Website in HubSpot CMS Hub

The number of website visitors and leads have continued to grow since we adopted Inbound. To involve the website even more in the inbound strategy, it was a logical next step to migrate to HubSpot CMS (also known as 'CMS Hub').

Consequently, we gave it a modern and fresh design, which boosted visitor satisfaction and generated conversions.

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  • The website

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    With the migration from WordPress to HubSpot CMS, we redesigned the entire website.

  • Qualified leads

    Elpress collects qualified leads with specific calls-to-action, landing pages, pop-ups, and forms. With the help of HubSpot, the Marketing department can immediately follow up on these leads.

  • Multilingual

    The website is available in 6 different languages through one single domain. With the language switch, you can easily switch from one language to another.

  • Responsive

    Almost 40% of website traffic views the website on a mobile phone or tablet. Therefore we made the new website fully responsive to any device screen.

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Even more conversion possibilities

With the launch of the new website, even more focus has been placed on showing the right content to the right people at the right time. For this purpose, various parts of the website are designed to generate conversions:

  • Every page contains the possibility to contact the company
  • All product pages have been expanded with related information such as references and videos, in order to better guide the visitor
  • Blog articles are supported with a call-to-action that refers to a related content offer for which visitors want to leave their contact details
  • Content offers are additionally brought to the attention of the visitor using popup forms
  • Visitor data is directly passed to HubSpot CRM via user-friendly forms on specially designed landing pages
  • Leads are nurtured with personalised information via HubSpot CRM.

The foundation for successful Inbound Marketing campaigns

The website is the foundation for Inbound Marketing, but the campaigns provide a stream of leads that continues to grow.

Since 2017, we have set up one successful inbound marketing campaign after another. Each campaign is designed to solve a problem or answer questions from a specific buyer persona.

Examples range from company solutions, that have to take different hygiene protocols into account, to a calculator tool that helps you choose the right crate washer.

View some of these Inbound Marketing campaigns below.

Campaign | Hygienic entrances

A hygienic entrance consists of various personal hygiene components that an employee goes through before entering the workplace: from washing hands to cleaning shoe soles.

Different companies prioritise different parts, which is why we developed a tool (in 6 different languages) that helps potential customers determine the right layout that suits their needs. 

In addition to the tool, we developed an inbound campaign with the following assets:

  • Blog articles
  • Customer references
  • Pop-up forms
  • Lead nurture e-mail flows
  • Social Media posts

Once visitors have completed the tool, they get the opportunity to request a free consultation.

Campaign | Crate washer

A crate washer is meant to realise a different form of hygiene: cleaning crates that are used as food containers.

The campaign we set up for this product was aimed at technical services managers in the food industry. This campaign highlights the technical aspects that show which crate washer best suits the company.

The content offers we developed for the different phases of the Buyer's Journey are:

  • Checklist for purchasing a crate washer
  • Crate washer calculator
  • Preliminary information on offer and the option to request a quote.
Elpress krattenwasser

Campaign | Greenhouse horticulture

Hygiene plays a lesser role in greenhouse horticulture than in the food industry. With this campaign, Elpress maps out the hygiene measures and certificates that are important for greenhouse horticulture.

For this campaign we used the following resources:

  • A hygiene toolkit aimed at greenhouse horticulture
  • A reference to the before-mentioned hygienic entrance
  • A personal consultation.


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