Filmolux: from cold calling to HubSpot enterprise

Filmolux Benelux BV is a supplier of self-adhesive (print) media, protective laminating foil, double-sided adhesive mounting foils, and display systems for various applications in various industries.

More than 50% of the website traffic now comes from blogs. Besides, their current response ratio to emails is very good. Director Erik Geutjes is migrating all national Filmolux departments to a HubSpot Enterprise account. The idea? To create an improved cooperation between all countries via one platform: HubSpot. Efficiently & easily.

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  • From very classic to ultra-modern

    When we started working with Filmolux in 2011, there was no marketing and sales team, which meant employees had to engage in cold calling, fairs, and creating e-mail campaigns, pretty classic.

    A new director made short work of the old-fashioned state of affairs. He started with HubSpot and at the same time brought in Vet Digital as a partner.

  • Training and self-study

    In a short time, a website was built in HubSpot and inbound marketing was implemented. Blogs were written, leads converted, and social media posts shared. And all this is based on training courses given by Vet Digital.

    You can teach yourself a lot through HubSpot's Knowledge Hub. "Things are explained very clearly there," says Marlies. "I want to know my way around HubSpot. It just takes a lot of work to have to call someone about every detail."

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  • How are you doing now?

    Thanks to Vet Digital and HubSpot, Filmolux went from classic to very modern. The monthly figures turned green and in terms of requesting samples, things went quite quickly. So, it was immediately clear that inbound marketing worked fantastically for Filmolux.

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Working together with Vet Digital

"I have always enjoyed working with the whole team: you are informal and that works well," says Marlies. She also noticed that the Vet Digital team quickly learned about the Filmolux products. The level of knowledge started to improve very quickly and now we enjoy a very fast knowledge transfer. "You are constantly pitching new, innovative ideas so that we can continue to adjust our inbound strategy while getting the most out of HubSpot," she says. For example, Vet Digital introduced Albacross: the tool that identifies website visitors without them having to request anything.

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