What does 12 years of Vet Digital support yield for FourPoints?

FourPoints sees BI as the solution to connect IT and business administration and make them comprehensible. With over 25 years of experience in BI, FourPoints possess the knowledge to come up with a good solution for every organisation.

In 2010, Vet Digital started collaborating with FourPoints. We helped them expand their customer base and went all-in with Hubspot. Within just a few weeks, an impressive flow of data had been created inside and outside the tool.

  • All-in with HubSpot

    According to manager of operations Remco van Vliet, within a few weeks, a work of art had been created from data streams inside and outside the tool.

    Remco: "Website visitors who requested something received seven emails; blogs were the size of whitepapers: it was huge!"

    In addition, the website was converted into a Sales and Marketing tool. All at once.

  • The Inbound engine

    "Our BI professionals had other things on their minds, and they wrote in a very technical fashion. We needed visionary content, tailored to a specific target group," says Remco. And so, things started to turn. Vet Digital was given responsibility for the planning and started writing content. There was a clear description of the target audience, and the website was given a new look. Workflows were shortened and developed according to the three stages in the prospect's buyer's journey: Awareness-Consideration-Decision. Lead scoring helped FourPoints to better estimate the intent of leads. Slowly but surely the Inbound motor started to roar.

  • Keeping up with the latest marketing trends

    Remco likes to contact Vet Digital whenever he’s looking to make new steps in Marketing and Sales. "We don't have much time to follow up on leads. That's why Vet Digital helps us work more efficiently, and we will soon receive sales support," says Remco. "We have little time to keep an eye on the latest Marketing and Sales developments, while Vet Digital sees them coming from miles away".

  • FourPoints in 2022

    Fast forward to 2022. Thanks to the combination of HubSpot and Vet Digital, the FourPoints website currently generates dozens of leads per month - quite a number. “We went from 'We do everything for everyone' to 'We are great at BI and work for SMEs+'. This works like a charm,” says Remco. “Thanks to lead qualification, we also discovered that small municipalities could make good use of the FourPoints expertise.”

Prioritising trust

Remco, operations manager at FourPoints says: "Our relationship with Vet Digital exemplifies how we want to work with our customers," says Remco. "We work on the basis of trust. When you have to refer back to the contract, is when you’ve gone a step too far, and trust often fades away, I think." Remco also mentions pragmatism. "You guys know a lot and are at the forefront with Inbound, but above all, you sense what we need. All I need is to send a single email to Vet Digital and it will be arranged. It's a two-way street, and it's actually been that way for twelve years."

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