A new Inbound website for ICTRecht

ICTRecht is a full-service consultancy firm, that is specialised in the world wide web, ICT, and privacy laws and regulations. ICTRecht wanted a new, completely refurbished website that is not only clear but also connects to the various target groups and offers better conversion possibilities. Vet Digital delivered the updated website in HubSpot CMS at the start of 2020. Furthermore, we made sure it was optimally equipped for Inbound Marketing.

ICTRecht cover
  • Conversion rate optimisation

    ICTRecht - Conversie

    ICTRecht has a lot of high-quality content on its website. Hence, it already received a large number of website visitors on a monthly basis. By building the right conversion paths, such as Call-to-actions, forms, and landing pages, a higher number of visitors are converted into leads.

  • UX-design

    ICTRecht - UX-design

    Website visitors must be able to find their way quickly and easily to the legal service they are looking for. We improved the user experience by creating better design and navigation.

  • HubSpot Onboarding

    HubSpot onboarding

    The website is built in HubSpot CMS, while the back-end runs on HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Marketing Professional. Vet Digital took care of the technical onboarding of the CRM and Marketing software so that lead generation could be automated. We delivered the website fully GDPR compliant.

  • Webshop integration

    Webshop integratie

    We integrated the webshop with Shopify, so that products and services can be purchased directly from the new website. The integration synchronises data such as contact information from Shopify to HubSpot CRM. As a result, ICTRecht could report on e-commerce results in HubSpot.

Responsive web design

The website is scalable and created with a responsive design, which means it automatically adapts to the size of each display. Whether you’re using a desktop, tablet, or mobile, the content and design are automatically scaled to the width of your device for optimal user experience.

ICTrecht preview
  • SEO-proof

    ictrecht seo

    The website pages are optimised for search engines so that the content gets well ranked and is therefore easy to find for the target group.

  • Multilingual

    ictrecht engels

    ICTRecht.nl is fully multilingual. This makes it easy to configure the website in multiple languages.

  • GDPR-ready

    ictrecht gdpr

    Both the website and the underlying HubSpot system are GDPR-compliant with a correct legal base, a double opt-in setup on email registrations, and a correct setup for forms.

  • HubSpot Database

    ICTRecht HS database

    Some of the information is used on multiple locations on the website. This information is stored in one HubSpot database. For example, employee data is retrieved directly from the HubDB. The same applies to vacancies and data on training and education.

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