Deal Automation using HubSpot is an independent leasing platform for suppliers and SME entrepreneurs. enlisted Vet Digital's support to automate the entire application process using the HubSpot platform.

With its state-of-the-art lease platform, offers an online environment (Lease As A Service) in which suppliers can easily arrange the lease application of SME entrepreneurs themselves.

  • The case came to Vet Digital with a specific request: “Help us automate the entire lease application process”. HubSpot is the most suitable tool to realise their request for deal automation, because of the possibilities it offers for linking software and the fact it supports a multi-funding model.

  • HubSpot onboarding

    We set up HubSpot CMS for, gave HubSpot training courses to Lease-deal employees, and provided ongoing onboarding support as we built in new features for the lease process.

  • HubSpot CRM & Service

    The HubSpot CRM is used for securing contact information. With HubSpot Conversations, all internal and external communication is logged. Moreover, the HubSpot Service Hub uses the Knowledge Base to share knowledge internally and (possibly) externally in the future.

  • HubSpot Sales & Marketing Hub


    On the one hand we created an automated deal process in HubSpot Sales Hub. This was necessary because automatic actions take place at every stage of the deal process; Deal Automation at its best. On the other hand, we used HubSpot Marketing Hub to activate automatic email flows during the deal process.

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Lease-deal's HubSpot account was then integrated with other software tools. For example, an integration with PandaDoc linked the external lease calculator with the vendor portal and the lessee portal. We also realised a link for a financial credit check.

HubSpot - PandaDoc

A special HubSpot project

For Vet Digital, the Lease-deal case is a very special project because aims to get the most out of HubSpot and therefore demands the utmost from Vet Digital. There are no standard solutions for Lease-deal. Nevertheless, we welcome the challenge and look at every other possible solution to make the most out of HubSpot.

In the long-run, the Deal Automation solution supplied by Vet Digital has saved a lot of time and money. Ultimately, Lease-deal wants to achieve full automation of the entire lease application process. Every day and step-by-step, we are working towards that goal. 

HubSpot Automation

‘Vet Digital the ideal HubSpot-partner’

Wouter Pollman, managing director at, says the following about Lease-deal's collaboration with Vet Digital: “The great cooperation, transparent planning, proactive employees, and deep knowledge of HubSpot from marketing to reporting makes Vet Digital the ideal HubSpot partner. In a very short time (approx. 8 weeks), HubSpot was set up according to our wishes, including API links. My advice: put Vet digital on your shortlist.”

Vet Digital

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