Mansystems: 'Technically prepared for Inbound Marketing'

Mansystems specialises in developing low-code applications. The company wants to generate more leads through Inbound Marketing and selected HubSpot as its marketing automation tool. Consequently, Vet Digital helped Mansystems with the technical onboarding and content creation in HubSpot.

Mansystems' goal was to reach organisations that want to develop applications with low code. The company was appealed by HubSpot's Inbound method, which is why they chose Vet Digital as their knowledge partner. Once we put Mansystems at pole position, both technically and substantively, we started generating leads at full throttle.


Technical HubSpot onboarding

HubSpot referred Mansystems to Vet Digital. Mansystems' primary wish was a technical HubSpot onboarding, with the Mansystems website and HubSpot being linked and fully set up, including user training.

Furthermore, during the technical HubSpot onboarding, we redefined the Buyer Personas. Mansystems already had quite a lot of content on their website. A content audit was performed to identify whether the website had the right content for each buyer persona in each phase of the Customer Journey.

Mansystems was very eager to learn and wanted to know everything about Vet Digital’s Inbound method, so that it could continue by itself with the new knowledge acquired. The same energy is what Mansystems conveys to its customers, whom it trains in developing apps in low code.

HubSpot Onboarding
  • Hubspot Onboarding

    HubSpot OnboardingThe website is built in HubSpot CMS, and its backend runs on HubSpot CRM. Vet Digital took care of the technical onboarding of the CRM and the HubSpot Marketing Hub for optimal automation of the lead generation process.


  • Content Creation

    Content Creatie

    Together with Mansystems, Vet Digital created better Buyer personas. After performing a content audit we could determine whether the right content was available for each buyer persona in each phase of the 'Customer Journey'.

  • HubSpot user training

    HubSpot gebruikerstraining

    Vet Digital provided several HubSpot user training courses at Mansystems. This enabled Mansystems to continue independently with a constant improvement of their Inbound Marketing activities.

  • Lead generation

    Lead generatie

    With the help of Vet Digital, Mansystems was able to generate more leads by using HubSpot and by creating more content.

Build fully independent marketing campaigns in HubSpot

To help Mansystems get started after a successful HubSpot onboarding, a Content Mapping session helped determine our focus for the first marketing campaign. The focus for the campaign was Mansytems' workshop app-in-a-day, for which Vet Digital produced several blog articles and reference cases. Consequently, as of today, Mansystems functions completely on its own in its Inbound Marketing efforts.

Hubspot strategie

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