5 AI tools for Search Engine Optimization

Scoring well in search engines is still worth its weight in gold, which is why no online marketing strategy can do without search engine optimization (SEO). At the same time, AI is changing the way we carry out our SEO tasks. AI tools, for instance, can create a list of keywords, organize keywords thematically in a site structure, and align your content with search intent (and that's just the tip of the iceberg). In this blog, we discuss five AI tools that will boost your SEO strategy.

AI Tool 1: Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush offers an advanced AI keyword tool where you can find not only standard keyword statistics such as search volume and keyword difficulty (KD), but also information on search intent, and suggestions for long-tail keywords and frequently asked questions around the topic. When you click on a keyword, you see exactly which SERP ranks best in the search engine and can click through to the page to see how it is structured. This gives you a better understanding of the content you need to focus on to rank higher in the search engines. Additionally, Semrush also features an SEO Writing Assistant to help you edit and optimize your texts for the Google search engine.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

AI Tool 2: ChatGPT

ChatGPT can assist your SEO efforts in various ways. For example, it can help organize your keywords thematically using a data (silo) structure. Search engines like Google assess your pages based on thematic relevance and whether your content is complete. You can also discover if anything is missing from your current content.

Tip: enter the following prompt: "Give me a list in a table of the ontologies around [YOUR KEYWORD] (with subcategories)."

table ontologies

Extra tip: then search in the sidebar for 'AI diagram designer'. This GPT can place your table into a mind map or diagram. Copy your table and enter a simple prompt such as: "Create a mind map from the following table [COPY TABLE]."

You will then receive the following output.

Bicycle ontology

ChatGPT can also help you conceptualize new SEO pages. For instance, create an outline for an SEO pillar page, with a prompt like: "Create an outline for an SEO pillar page with title and subtitles of [YOUR KEYWORD]. Also, show possibilities for the placement of related keywords."

SEO pillar pagina

AI Tool 3: HubSpot Content Assistent

You can also use various AI tools in HubSpot. An example is the so-called Content Assistant which allows you to rewrite or optimize your content for search engines. Adjust the texts of your blogs, landing pages, website pages, emails and social posts. You can also generate images and audio from blog articles and add page titles and meta descriptions with the content assistant. The Content Assistant is a handy tool when you want to present your content in various ways or are looking for the right tone of voice. Note: always first check the AI-generated text for errors and integrate it with handwritten sections before publishing the content!

AI meta beschrijving-1AI Meta beschrijving










AI Tool 4: ChatSpot

ChatSpot is the AI chat tool from HubSpot and already has several prompts pre-loaded. The advantage of ChatSpot is that you can directly pull data from your CRM. Under the 'marketing' section, you'll see a series of prompts that can also be used for SEO purposes. Some examples include:

  • "Generate a blog post and title about [TOPIC]." (Use the prompt already loaded in ChatSpot.)
  • "Generate a B2B buyer profile for [COMPANY NAME]." (Use the prompt already loaded in ChatSpot.)
  • "Research the current SEO competitors of [COMPANY NAME]."
  • "Find search queries that website visitors use to find [YOUR WEBSITE]."
  • "Find questions being asked related to [TOPIC]."
  • "Show me a diagram/table with contacts generated weekly from organic search."

chatspot prompt templates-1

AI Tool 5: Synthesia

Search engines also reward your pages when they contain multimedia content. In Synthesia you can create AI videos with a lifelike avatar. Consider this an extension of your SEO strategy: create videos from your existing content and place high-performing videos on YouTube. This way, you improve your ranking and optimize traffic to your website. Not just with Synthesia, but also with HeyGen ka, you can create multimedia content.


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