Build a Website in HubSpot CMS: the Experts at Vet Digital take these 6 Steps

Creating an attractive website that converts optimally and is easily manageable requires a lot of expertise. There are many aspects you need to take into account. Questions like 'How do I create a page in HubSpot CMS?', 'What should I think about when designing the website?', 'How do I ensure an optimal SEO score and good visibility on Google?', and 'How do I make sure my website converts well?' are just a few of the questions that come up when building a website. Based on years of experience, the design and development experts at Vet Digital have created a streamlined 6-step process. This ensures that no detail is overlooked when building a website. In this blog, you'll discover how to work together with the Vet Digital team to build a successful, high-converting HubSpot website.

Step 1: The Kick-off

During the kick-off meeting, we review the overall scope of the entire project. We discuss, at the very least, the following points:

    • Project scope
    • Menu structure and sitemap
    • Branding guidelines and design preferences
    • Features and modules (consider features like a search function or multilingual support)
    • Required content

The output of the kick-off is a website project plan with a well-defined project scope, website functionalities, and design preferences. Once you've approved the project plan, we move on to the next step in the website process.

Step 2: The Design

Don't have a design for your new website yet? No problem! Our designers are happy to collaborate with you to achieve the desired look and optimal user experience for your website. After the design described in the project plan is approved, the design phase begins. This phase consists of 7 sub-steps:

    • Starting the design in Figma based on the scope.
    • Delivering the homepage for alignment on design choices.
    • Delivering the initial design version.
    • Receiving feedback on the initial design version.
    • Making design adjustments based on feedback and delivering the second design version.
    • Receiving feedback on the second design version.
    • Delivering the final design version, ready for the development team.

If you already have a design in place or have made an initial attempt, our designer will review it, and we'll proceed to the development phase.

Step 3: Development

Is the design for your new website approved? Then, we begin the development phase. Our development process consists of 10 sub-steps:

    • Handover from the design team to the development team.
    • Commencing web development.
    • Delivering the first version of the technical link.
    • Providing HubSpot CMS training to your organization's CMS users.
    • Receiving feedback on the first version.
    • Making adjustments based on feedback and delivering the second version.
    • Receiving feedback on the second version.
    • Making adjustments based on feedback and delivering the final version.
    • Approval of the final website version.
    • Vet Digital or your own team can start with adding the content to the website.

We work based on a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach because a website is never truly finished and can be continuously optimized. This aspect is addressed in the sixth step of our website process.

Step 4: Content

After the development phase, the website is ready to be filled with content. This happens in two sub-phases. In the first phase, content is added to the designed pages, and in the second phase, the remaining pages receive content. If your team handles content placement on the pages, we'll provide support in addition to the HubSpot CMS training we offer.

Step 5: Checks & Launch

In step 5, we perform final website checks and prepare the website for launch. This is done in 6 sub-steps:

    • Going through the 'Go Live checklist' (including a redirect list).
    • Making adjustments based on the checklist.
    • Preparing for the website launch.
    • Going live.
    • Conducting the 'After Go Live Checklist' (a health check of your website).
    • Your website is successfully live!

After your website is live, we recommend continuing with our GDD process (ongoing website improvements) because a website is never truly complete.

Step 6: Website Improvements

In the final step, we proactively work on optimizing your website based on your preferences and best practices. This includes optimizing website conversion, on-page content, and site technology (technical SEO and performance). We can also assist with link building to improve search engine visibility. Additionally, we provide monthly maintenance for your website, including theme updates, module maintenance, and technical updates.

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