How do I integrate HubSpot with Exact Online?

How do I integrate HubSpot with Exact Online?

You're using HubSpot, the CRM platform that brings together marketing, sales, and service in a powerful and user-friendly environment. However, for your invoicing and accounting needs, you use Exact Online. Ideally, you would like to integrate the two systems to exchange data automatically and efficiently. But is it possible to integrate HubSpot with Exact Online? And can you integrate natively, via a third party, or is custom development required? We'll tell you all about it in this blog.

Exact Online and HubSpot 

HubSpot can be integrated with a vast array of other systems. There are several ways to achieve this. For instance, you can consider the Operations Hub, which offers native integrations (plug and play), but external tools and low-code platforms can also assist you with this.

You can imagine that while there may be integrations available for commonly used systems, this is not always the case, or they may only offer basic data exchange capabilities. In a digital world where new tools are introduced daily, it's simply impossible to keep up with all of them. Especially when tools may not be available in all countries. This is the case with Exact Online as well. While HubSpot is an American company, Exact Online is an organization based in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this means there isn't an extensive out-of-the-box solution for integrating HubSpot with Exact Online. The solution currently offered through the HubSpot Marketplace allows for standard data exchange. However, custom integrations, quotes, or specific deal logic are not possible with this solution.

A custom integration

The absence of an extensive out-of-the-box solution doesn't mean that the two systems can't work together on a more complex level. Fortunately, they can! However, it would require a custom integration. HubSpot provides very comprehensive API documentation, enabling integration with almost all applications. An important prerequisite for this is that the application you want to integrate with also has clear API documentation.

At Vet Digital, we have an experienced implementation team that specializes in creating HubSpot integrations. With our expertise in HubSpot and software development, we're able to develop integrations that aren't offered as standard solutions. In fact, we've already developed an integration with Exact Online for one of our clients!

The possibilities with HubSpot and Exact Online

Depending on your preferences and requirements, the integration can be set up. For example, if you only want HubSpot to share data with Exact Online but not the other way around, this is certainly possible. This is useful when company data is stored in HubSpot and a deal needs to be pushed to Exact Online. The integration can also work both ways. This means that data from Exact Online is pushed to HubSpot and vice versa. This is useful, for example, when certain customer codes from Exact Online need to be transferred to HubSpot instead of HubSpot creating them itself. Your organization's needs are taken into account, and based on that, the integration is set up.

Do you want to integrate HubSpot with Exact Online?

We're here to help! In a discovery workshop, we'll map out your requirements. Then, we'll determine which data needs to be sent to which system in a detailed field mapping session. After that, we'll move on to the build phase, testing phase, and ultimately the go-live of your integration between HubSpot and Exact Online!

Schedule a meeting with us to discuss the possibilities, or contact us via the form on our website.