As of March 5, HubSpot implements new prices per user

HubSpot price model

When I started with HubSpot 11 years ago, we were very happy that we could create a Landing Page and a Thank You Page. Today, HubSpot is a full-fledged CRM platform with Marketing, Sales, and Service modules and with many integration possibilities. A standard HubSpot license includes all features for an unlimited number of users (including a free CRM system). However, if you want to use the extensive Sales and Service features, every person who works with these features needs a license. If you have a HubSpot Professional account, this means you need to purchase at least 5 Sales and Service Seats.

This is going to change from March 5th, 2024!

These are the 5 biggest changes

1. No minimum amount of users for Sales and Service Hub

In order to use Sales and Service hub Professional or Enterprise, you can now purchase a Seat per user.  This way, you can start using HubSpot Sales Professional with only 3 instead of 5 users.

2. New Core Seat for HubSpot Edits

HubSpot is going to introduce a new Core Seat for users who are going to work in HubSpot. For example, these users will create e-mails, forms and landing pages. 

3. Unlimited View-Only Seats

You can also add an unlimited amount of users who can only view your contacts and reports for example. 

4. Users with a starter licence have to pay for Core Seats

Users with a starter licence have to pay if they want to add new Core Seats. 

5. In the HubSpot free tools, you are limited to only 5 users

HubSpot still offers a free version of the platform, but this will be limited to a maximum of 5 users.

What can you do with the different types of Seats? 

(New!) with Core Seats you can use all the features of the CRM-platform

The advantages of a fully integrated platform are clear. One database, one truth and an all-in-one system. Those who previously received unlimited access to all HubSpot features, are now provided a HubSpot Core Seat. 

(New!) with View-Only Seats you provide your users with free viewer access in HubSpot

With the View-Only Seat everyone can get access data without having to pay extra for a HubSpot Seat. The difference with a Core Seat is that these users cannot edit anything. 

With Sales and Service Seats you only pay for "real" users 

As of March 5th, you only pay for sales and service employees who require access to special Sales and Service features in HubSpot. Unlike before, when you had to pay for a set amount (5 or 10) of users. 

In short

As of March 5th, HubSpot introduces a user-based price model. Do you need editing rights or access to the CRM feature? In that case, you need a Core Seat. Do you need access to specific Sales and Service features? Then you can assign specific people a Sales or Service Seat. This way, the new price model helps you scale your business in HubSpot. 

What does this mean for existing HubSpot users?

Nothing changes for existing HubSpot users, they can use HubSpot the same way they did before. Read the full details here.

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