Is content generated by AI just as valuable as self-written content?

Many marketers nowadays use AI tools like ChatGPT to write content or ask AI technology to create a content outline. But is content generated by AI really as valuable as self-written content? Are we not losing the human touch and creativity? In this blog, I argue why marketers should be more cautious about using AI tools to write marketing content.

Copy, paste: AI-generated content copies existing content

AI tools like ChatGPT are based on a large language model, or LLM. An LLM can understand human language and analyze millions of texts on the internet using advanced algorithms. The AI then uses this information to provide an answer to a user's question or assignment. AI technologies thus convert existing content to meet the user's request. This means that the texts you request from an AI tool like ChatGPT correspond to existing content on the internet. Not so great if you want to produce meaningful content that is optimized for the (Google) search engine.

Keeping it fresh: AI content is not innovative

AI content is also not innovative. It repeats existing knowledge and contains no new information or substance. Nowadays, there's something written about every topic, making it much more difficult to stand out online with your content. But let's not forget that creativity and thinking 'outside the box' is still an important quality of the modern content marketer: you can add your own twist and provide unique insight on a particular topic.

What makes us tick: AI content is soulless

AI-generated content lacks two elements: 1) a tone of voice and branding, 2) insight that only your business can provide. Take the time to come up with new ideas for your content marketing strategy, and from there you can make a content marketing plan. This process is also called 'ideation,' or generating new ideas for your B2B marketing content. This is by far the most important part of your content marketing strategy and cannot be simply executed by an AI tool. Don't sell yourself short with AI-generated ideas!

Then what can we use AI for?

AI tools can provide value in other ways. Combine insights from various AI tools with your own entrepreneurial insights. First, think about how you want to approach your content and which target audience you want to reach. From there, proceed with a plan of action. Good marketing content is primarily written by hand and is optimized for search engines with the help of AI. You can ask AI technology to translate your content, make optimization suggestions, or perform an analysis for SEO purposes. Discover 5 AI tools for your SEO strategy.

Create content that generates leads

Conclusion: AI technologies are anything but useless. AI tools can assist in optimizing your content, but their use should be limited to optimization only. Do you want to produce new content for your business? Schedule a call or discover how to set up a creative concept for your organization.