Tailored HubSpot Integration with Pipedrive

Are you using Pipedrive and looking to synchronize this CRM with HubSpot? Then you've probably seen the Pipedrive application in the HubSpot Marketplace. Unfortunately, this integration application is not plug and play. You will need a lot of  technical know-how to ensure that your integration with Pipedrive works exactly the way you want it to. Our HubSpot experts have experience integrating HubSpot with Pipedrive. In this blog, you read more about the integration we've built.


One of our clients works together with an outbound sales agency to call potential leads for appointments. To streamline this process, our client's CRM (HubSpot) and the sales agency's CRM (Pipedrive) have to be able to communicate with one another. Without integration, all data would need to be put in manually from one CRM to the other and vice versa. This is a time-consuming process and entirely unnecessary, especially when you have the option to integrate both CRMs.

Integration between HubSpot and Pipedrive

In this scenario, a two-way synchronization is necessary. When a lead downloads something from the organization's website (an MQL), the newly created contact needs to be transferred from HubSpot to Pipedrive. Simultaneously, the outbound sales agency places potential leads in Pipedrive, and a successful appointment in Pipedrive must also end up in HubSpot for the organization's sales team to handle.

Our HubSpot experts have configured the integration so that when the sales agency schedules an appointment, they mark a deal as won in Pipedrive, and the deal is instantly created in HubSpot as an Opportunity. The organization's sales team then documents the progress of the appointment in HubSpot. If the appointment is successful, the deal is won. If the lead is not ready to make a purchase, the deal is returned to the pipeline within HubSpot and is also reintroduced in Pipedrive for later follow-up.

The integration also ensures that if data for a lead is changed in one CRM (such as a different email address or phone number), it is immediately updated in the other CRM.

Pipedrive HubSpot Integration

The result

With this integration, there's no need for manual transfer of appointments and deals, saving a significant amount of time for both the organization and the sales agency. In one week, 20 won deals have been integrated from Pipedrive into HubSpot—imagine how much time the integration has saved both companies! Additionally, the margin for error is considerably lower, and lead data is always up-to-date.

HubSpot Integrations by Vet Digital Experts

Do you want to integrate HubSpot with Pipedrive? We're here to help tailor the integration to your needs. Whether you want to connect other systems with HubSpot, our experts can assist you. We've handled various custom integrations, both based on applications in the HubSpot Marketplace and custom integrations through an API.