The Secrets of HubSpot AI [including 5 exclusive tips & tricks!]

HubSpot AI has become an integral part of many HubSpot marketing strategies, and for good reason. When you consider what you can achieve with HubSpot AI, you will notice that it increases your productivity and saves a tremendous amount of time on marketing, sales, and service tasks. This allows you to deliver true quality to your customers. In this blog article, I will provide exclusive AI tips and tricks for effective HubSpot marketing and sales.

Tip 1. Generate blog, email, and social content with HubSpot Content Assistant

The HubSpot Content Assistant is fully integrated into HubSpot CMS, so you can use the AI tool to rewrite content, generate ideas for new content, and write content in different tones of voice. You can use the Content Assistant in the blog, email, and social editor of HubSpot, which is a lifesaver when you are facing writer's block!

Tip 2. Generate marketing and sales reports

If you want to generate a report in HubSpot Marketing or Sales Hub, you can now use HubSpot AI to generate it for you. When adding a new report to a dashboard, click on 'Create report' -> 'Generate Single Object Report Using AI' in the top right corner of the HubSpot reports list, and fill in the data you would like to know. For example: Where have the most leads come from in the last month?

Tip 3. Find new prospects for your business

In ChatSpot, you can now discover new prospects for your business. By using the ChatSpot prompt template, you can ask how long a business is operational and how many employees work for the company. You can also inquire about the company's location, industry, recent news, and conduct a competitive analysis. Consequently, you can add interesting prospects directly to the CRM so you can target them in the future. ChatSpot can also provide information on the CMS (and tech stack) currently used by the company.

Tip 4. Predict when a prospect is ready for a sales call

Discover which prospects are ready for a sales call through AI forecasting in HubSpot Sales Analytics. AI uses historical data (calls and email conversations) collected by your sales team to provide a future scenario. This improves targeting and increases your team’s close rate. However, please note that this feature is currently still in HubSpot Private BETA.

Tip 5. Gather insights from sales calls and emails with Conversation Intelligence

HubSpot AI can also record, summarize, and provide deeper insights into sales calls. This allows you to stay informed about ongoing trends in sales conversations, common pain points, and identify new opportunities to coach your sales reps. This is why Conversation Intelligence is a highly valuable AI tool that elevates your sales efforts.

Get Started with HubSpot AI

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