4 Success Stories of Companies that collaborated with HubSpot Partner Vet Digital

Vet Digital has been a HubSpot Diamond Partner for several years now, and over the years we have supported many customers with HubSpot. Whether it's inbound marketing and sales or designing and developing websites in HubSpot CMS, our experts are here for you! Are you curious about how other organizations experienced collaborating with Vet Digital, and what Vet Digital has done for these organizations? In this blog article, we focus on four companies that have successful collaborations with Vet Digital.

Success Story 1: Contiweb

Contiweb is specialized in producing and supplying machines for the printing and packaging industry. As a global player, Contiweb has installed more than 3,000 of their own machines worldwide. Contiweb had been using HubSpot CRM for a couple of years until they decided they also wanted to use HubSpot CMS for their website. They partnered with Vet Digital for the design and implementation of the new website. According to Erik Andriessen, Marketing Manager of Contiweb,  Vet Digital was the right choice because of our expertise in developing websites and our knowledge of Inbound Marketing strategies. The implementation of HubSpot CMS resulted in a high-performing website that was optimized to improve speed and visibility in search engines.

Want to learn more about our partnership with Contiweb? Download the case study.

Success Story 2: The Patient Safety Company

The Patient Safety Company provides software solutions for quality and risk management and has been active in the healthcare sector for over 15 years. Their SaaS-based services are used worldwide and support medical institutions in seven different languages. The Patient Safety Company and Vet Digital have had a successful partnership in website management for quite some time now. Eight years ago, the decision was made to migrate the website to HubSpot CMS and recently it was decided to renew the theme of the website. The decision was driven by the company’s desire to enhance website performance, optimize SEO, and future-proof the website.

Want to learn more about our partnership with The Patient Safety Company? Download the case study.

Success Story 3: Elpress

Elpress has been the go-to global partner in industrial hygiene for over 40 years for any company operating in the food industry. Elpress develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative hygiene solutions, such as cleaning systems, hygiene locks, and industrial washing systems. In 2015, Elpress wanted to receive advice on how they could improve their existing website and turned to Vet Digital. Vet Digital conducted a comprehensive website scan, and from there on it was decided to build a new website for Elpress. As of late 2017, Elpress transitioned their business website to HubSpot CMS. Consequently, this led to an effective partnership based on Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design. Elpress achieved a remarkable 60% increase in leads by implementing Inbound Marketing to their business model in conjunction with the new website!

Want to learn more about our partnership with Elpress? Read the full case study.

Success Story 4: Renske Natural Petfood

Renske Natural Petfood has been involved in 100% natural animal nutrition for dogs and cats in the highest market segment for more than 30 years. 

The collaboration between Renske and Vet Digital started in 2019. The focus of the collaboration was initially on the design and development of the new website in HubSpot CMS and the implementation of HubSpot as a CRM. Following this, the Inbound Marketing formula with the Marketing and Sales Hub was also implemented, which included a new SEO strategy. This strategy positioned Renske as an online knowledge center and ensured that annual web traffic grew from 91,000 visitors in 2019 to more than 880,000 in 2023!

Vet Digital as a HubSpot Partner

Do you want to get the most out of your HubSpot portal, and increase the effectiveness of your business like the organizations mentioned above? Feel free to schedule a call to discuss the possibilities.