Increasing Conversions with HubSpot Landing Pages: Tips and Strategies

increasing conversions HubSpot landing pages

A HubSpot Landing Page is a page where a website visitor takes a specific action in order to generate leads. You can create a landing page for special events such as a product launch or an advertisement. The difference with a regular website page is that a landing page is primarily focused on lead generation as part of a lead generation campaign. In this blog post, I provide you with five tips to optimize a HubSpot Landing Page for conversion.

Tip 1: Identify Your Visitor’s Need and Tailor a Catchy Headline

Before you start filling your page, produce a catchy headline. But what makes a headline catchy? Visualise your ideal buyer persona. This person has a particular goal in mind when they open the page. They are looking for a specific offer or want to gather information about your product or service. Information that a prospect is looking for most of the time:

  • What is the offer? (what) 
  • How do I use the offer? (how) 
  • Why do I need this offer? (why)

These questions determine what you will include in the title of your page. However, keep it concise! HubSpot recommends a limit of 70 characters so that the title is not cut off in Google search results. Answer the above questions in one sentence and refine the wording until you have a compelling title. Here is an example of how you get there:

  • Learn how to secure a stream of quality leads (why) with Inbound Marketing (how) by reading this whitepaper (what)
  • Generate a stream of quality leads with this Inbound Marketing whitepaper
  • Endless high-quality leads with this Inbound Marketing whitepaper!

Tip 2: Craft Effective Landing Page Copy

A landing page does not require extensive copy, but be comprehensive in describing your offer. Build upon the what, how, and why questions as mentioned above. Depending on your page's goal, you can create either a long or short copy. Long copy might be necessary when the content offer requires more explanation, such as for a new product or service for example. However, this is not often the case. In most instances, a landing page is the final link in your lead generation campaign, so a lengthy description is no longer necessary. Use short sentences and active writing. If a sentence contains more than three commas, consider breaking up the sentence.

Tip 3: Use Catchy Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

To truly prompt your reader to take action, use Call-to-Action buttons on your HubSpot Landing Page. The CTA on the page should have clear and action-oriented language while also creating a sense of urgency. Consider a button like 'Download Now.' Make sure your button visually stands out. Use contrasting colors and bold fonts to grab the reader’s attention. A Call-to-Action button can be placed below a lead generation form or link to another landing page in your conversion path. In CMS Hub, you can create a Call-to-Action in your own style and choose between a button or image CTA.

Tip 4: Create a Simple Lead Generation Form

A lead generation form is a crucial conversion element on your Landing Page, since a prospect needs to fill it out completely to convert to a lead. A lead generation form consists of fields that request valuable data from your prospect. But don't ask for too much information! Keep it simple and request only essential details. Also, communicate what the prospect will receive in exchange for their data. Incorporate these expectations into the landing page copy and form title. Include a privacy statement and make it a required field. You can easily add a privacy statement as a mandatory field to all your HubSpot Lead Generation Forms.

Tip 5: Begin A/B Testing Your HubSpot Landing Pages

Aside from Call-to-Actions, you can also conduct an A/B test on your landing pages in HubSpot CMS. By testing different versions of the landing page, you discover which elements, such as Call-to-Actions, headlines, images, colors, and layout, are most effective at converting visitors into customers. You can conduct these tests regularly, gradually improving user-friendliness and ultimately enhancing long-term performance and results.

Get started with HubSpot Landing Pages and ensure that your website converts visitors!

In addition to optimizing your landing pages, there are a few important criteria for a well-converting website. Are you curious about what to consider? Contact us so we can give you valuable advice.