Creating high-converting landing pages with CMS Hub: 5 examples

High-converting landing pages CMS hub

When Inbound Marketing is executed effectively, it ensures a continuous flow of high-quality leads. These leads are generated on landing pages that are specifically designed for that purpose. But what do these pages look like in practice? In this blog article, I provide 5 examples of landing pages optimized for visitor conversion.

Example 1: Contiweb

Contiweb offers printing equipment for the graphic industry. One type of machinery they manufacture is unwinding equipment. To calculate the return on investment of using such a machine for your business, Contiweb created an investment calculator. The page features a total of five questions, rendering a result in the form of your very own personalized report. Once you fill in your name and email address, you can download the report. This way, the landing page is simple yet efficient and has a clear Call-to-Action (CTA).

Want to know more about the story behind the development of Contiweb's website? Download our case study and see how their new website looks like:

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Example 2: Elpress

Another compelling example of a long copy landing page created in HubSpot CMS is the reference pages of hygiene producer Elpress. These pages highlight the stories of Elpress’ customers through a customer video and a photo album showcasing the hygiene installation on-site. The page emphasizes both the value of an Elpress hygiene installation and the reliability of the supplier. The page also links to the various products used in the customer case and concludes with a Call-to-Action (CTA) to schedule an appointment with an Elpress sales specialist.

Example 3: Renske Natural Pet Food (Dutch)

Renske Natural Pet Food specializes in natural pet food for dogs and cats. The company demonstrates its expertise with knowledge articles, a nutrition calculator, and a clear philosophy on pet nutrition. Naturally, Renske offers its own range of pet food tailored to your furry friend's dietary habits and needs. Customers can also try out a sample pack. The Call-to-Action on the landing page is strategically placed above the fold to cater to those who want to proceed immediately with the sample pack. But in the case that a visitor needs more information, the subsequent long copy provides a detailed explanation of the brand's "what, how, and why."

Example 4: HubSpot

Another example is a landing page from HubSpot. HubSpot offers a no-obligation demo tour of the CRM platform. The page provides clear expectation management of the platform's popular features and indicates that you can make them work together. The visitor's expectation of the demo is therefore set to discussing the integration of the various CRM features.

Example 5: Vet Digital

At Vet Digital, we also offer a no-obligation HubSpot demo for interested parties. The landing page where you can sign up for the demo includes elements for an optimal visitor experience. On this page, we outline what the visitor can expect before and during the demo, and we showcase a screenshot of a sample demo. The form includes only the necessary fields for an optimal user experience.

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