How do I integrate HubSpot with AFAS Online?

If you use the AFAS Online platform to automate your business processes and want to integrate this system with HubSpot, unfortunately, there is no standard solution available for this. The HubSpot Marketplace doesn't offer a connection for this purpose. However, this doesn't mean that it's impossible to integrate both platforms. In this blog, we'll explain how you can still integrate HubSpot with AFAS Online.

A custom integration

As indicated in the introduction, you can integrate HubSpot with AFAS Online even though there is no standard connection available. This is possible because both the HubSpot API and the AFAS API are designed in such a way that you can easily develop a custom integration to exchange data between the two platforms.

To create a custom integration, you need development expertise. At Vet Digital, we have an experienced implementation team that has successfully developed HubSpot integrations for our clients, such as a connection with Exact Online. With our HubSpot expertise and software development capabilities, we're able to integrate various systems with HubSpot, even when there's no standard connection available. Additionally, HubSpot provides extensive API documentation, allowing most applications to be integrated. As long as the application you want to integrate with also has clear API documentation, as is the case with AFAS.

Integrate with AFAS Online

AFAS offers various options to retrieve and exchange data with the platform. At its core, you use endpoints (referred to as GetConnectors by AFAS) to retrieve data from AFAS. Because you can create these GetConnectors yourself, the possibilities are extensive. Additionally, it's possible to combine the GetConnectors with UpdateConnectors, allowing your integration to add, modify, or delete records in AFAS Online.

How does Vet Digital proceed with integrating HubSpot with AFAS Online?

Because there are so many possibilities for exchanging data between both systems, it's important to first jointly outline your preferences in a discovery workshop. In a subsequent field mapping session, we discuss, among other things, which data needs to be exchanged, when this should occur, and which system takes precedence. After this, we move on to the construction phase, testing phase, and ultimately the launch of your custom integration between HubSpot and AFAS Online!

Get started with integrating HubSpot with AFAS Online!

Are you interested in creating your own integration to connect HubSpot with AFAS Online? Schedule a meeting with us to discuss the possibilities, or contact us via the form on our website.