How to write a good article

How to write a good article

Writing an article is not easy and is not cut out for everyone. Oftentimes you already thought of the subject, but you find it difficult to translate it to a good article.  As a marketeer it is useful to know how you can incorporate interesting information into a good article.

In this article, I provide tips that you can apply easily:

1. Think of an exact subject

Oftentimes you will have a global idea for your article. But what do you want to write about exactly? Which message do you want to convey to the reader? Think of the problems that keep your readers up at night. If you choose to write about 'social media' for example, determine which problems your readers can have. Treat these problems in your article and communicate the right solution.

If you cannot find a suitable subject, start with a 'personal' brainstorm session: write down all the first things that come to mind in a couple of minutes, without judging whether they are good or bad ideas. Are you done? Look at the list with subjects and choose the subject that speaks to you the most. 

Tip: write about a subject that you yourself find interesting. That way writing will come better, quicker and easier. 

2. Determine the buyer persona

Make sure you know who you are writing for and tailor the content accordingly. Define your ideal prospect, also known as buyer persona. This increases your chances of reaching the right target audience.

3. Gather information

Do you have sufficient knowledge about the topic you want to write about? Is it a subject that requires little additional input, or could you use the help of an expert? Start an (online) search for reliable sources and gather information about your topic.

4. Get started!

Now that you know what you want to write and who it is for, you can get started for real. When writing an article, always start with a rough draft.

  • Start with an introduction that tells readers what to expect from the article. Focus on the reader's "problem" that you will address.
  • In the following paragraphs, deliver on what you promised to tell the reader in the introduction. Provide structure to the article by using subheadings.
  • Conclude with a summary. Recap what the reader has learned or discovered from your article. Then, ask the reader a question to encourage interaction. To engage readers further, end with a call to action. For example, the reader could request a free whitepaper or sample.

If you find it challenging to structure an article, use the AIDA model. The AIDA model consists of 4 steps that should be included in the article: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

After writing the rough draft, proceed with the final version.

5. Check and correct

Review the article: does it flow well? Is the story clear? Read the article aloud to yourself (or someone else) to check if it sounds logical. Also check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

6. Add a photo

A photo grabs the reader's attention and provides information about the topic. Choose a suitable photo.

We hope that the above mentioned tips will help you write good articles. Start with a rough draft, and work your way up to an interesting article in no time!

Good luck!