HubSpot Website Themes for Service-Based Businesses

Choosing an appropriate theme for your HubSpot website is very important. This is because the theme you choose will largely determine how your website will look like. We advise you not to make this choice in haste!

In this blog we will help you make an educated choice. This way you can make sure you make a good start in building your website.

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What is a HubSpot theme?

A theme, or website theme, includes a collection of templates, modules, global content and style settings that can be used to create a website. Think of the theme you choose as the first step in the process of building your website (in for example HubSpot their CMS). The theme forms the basis for the design of your website.

HubSpot website themes for service-based businesses

What is the difference between themes and templates?

Templates are a part of your theme. The theme you choose determines which templates you have access to. For example, there are website themes with only about 7 templates, but you also have themes with 20+ templates. 

In short: with templates, you build your pages one by one. Your theme determines the overall design of your website.

Where can you find HubSpot themes?

Want to check out HubSpot's themes for yourself? You can find them at HubSpot's marketplace

HubSpot currently offers 464 website themes. You can choose from both free and paid options. Most of the themes are completely free to download, as you can see below.

HubSpot Website Themes for Service-Based Businesses

Do you have more specific requirements? Even then you will find a website theme that suits you. However, there will be added costs to these themes. See the examples below:

The website theme largely determines how your website looks. Therefore, it is very important to choose the theme that suits the needs of your organization.

Essential components of a service-based company website

Chances are you came to this blog because you are a service-based business. Also, we consider it likely that you are looking for a website theme specifically for service-based businesses like yours. Let us help you in your search. 

A good first step is to determine what a good service-based website should meet. Of course, the specific requirements for this type of website are different from those for a B2C webshop such as an Amazon or a 

In our opinion, a service-oriented website should include the following components:

  • Social Proof in the form of reviews;
  • Different pricing packages;
  • Clear buttons to guide your visitors to the desired action;
  • Show that you can be trusted as an organization (think of team photos, an address and a phone number).

On our own homepage you can see how we have incorporated some of the points mentioned above:

So you can see that at Vet Digital we use clear (red) buttons. You'll also see some symbols. Do you notice the HubSpot logo? We use this logo to show that we are a HubSpot partner. In addition, we prominently post a review from one of our satisfied customers on this page.

How to choose the right theme for your HubSpot website?

Do you have your website requirements in mind? Good! Because now it's time to choose a suitable HubSpot theme.

You simplify your search by cleverly using the filter function within HubSpot's marketplace (see images). Using the filter function, you can easily find the most popular, newest, lowest-priced and best-rated themes, for example.

HubSpot Website Themes for Service-Based Businesses

The first mentioned filters are useful. But HubSpot really shows that they understand their customers through their filtering features based on the unique benefit of the theme. 

Are you looking for a theme that is easy to use? Or a theme that maximizes your website's performance? You'll discover it easily through this filter option.

As you know, every company is different. However, there are often strong similarities between companies in the same industry. 

Chances are, your website is quite similar to your competitor's site! The filter option below makes it easy for you to select by business types:

3 examples of perfectly suitable themes for service-based businesses

You now know how to easily choose your own theme for your service-based business. Let's make your life even easier by showing you our three favorites. Use the following examples as inspiration and continue your search for the perfect theme.

Theme 1. HighCliffe by BBD Boom [free theme].

This website theme is perfect for companies with multiple services. This is because within this theme, the visitor sees immediately what the company has to offer.

Also, the buttons are prominently displayed. This way, your visitors will immediately see how to navigate further on your website. 

In addition, the large image in the background ensures that you immediately convey a human and familiar feeling to your visitors.

HubSpot Website Themes for Service-Based Businesses

Also, as you can see below, this theme offers you several ways to display customer reviews and logos.

HubSpot Website Themes for Service-Based Businesses

Theme 2. Sprocket Rocket [free theme].

The next theme that fits well with service-based businesses is the "Sprocket Rocket" theme. 

The conversion orientation of this theme really appeals to us as marketers. For example, above the fold you see that your visitor is immediately given the opportunity to provide his or her e-mail address. Of course, you give your visitors something of value in return! By placing your CTA right at the top of the page, you increase the chances of your visitors leaving their details. 

This theme makes optimal use of clear call-to-actions. There is also room for social proof.

HubSpot Website Themes for Service-Based Businesses

Theme 3. Sprocket Rocket [$399]

The following theme was created specifically for companies in the travel industry. This theme is suitable for conveying that 'oh so wonderful' vacation feeling. Not entirely unimportant within this industry!

Some Unique Selling Points of this theme:

  • Very visual.
  • Specifically aimed at companies in the travel industry.

As you can see, you have a lot of choice of website themes within HubSpot. Feel free to explore for yourself and determine which theme suits your organization.

HubSpot Website Themes for Service-Based Businesses