The 5 Best HubSpot Updates of April 2023

HubSpot is constantly evolving to get better and better. New features are launched daily based on feedback from the community and will make your life easier. Stay up to date with all new features to get the most out of HubSpot! We list the 5 biggest HubSpot updates of April 2023 that you can implement today.

  1. Approvals For Sending Marketing Emails
  2. Create campaign templates and save it to your new campaign template library
  3. Repeat a past import
  4. Create multiple knowledge bases
  5. Honorable mentions

Approvals for sending marketing emails

You can allow email approval requests to (automatically) contact stakeholders and ask them to evaluate the email before it is delivered, streamlining communication between marketing email designers and other HubSpot users.

Nowadays, sending a marketing email requires too many hoops to be jumped through. To ensure that all parties involved have reviewed the email, they must continually exchange information using a variety of external technologies. This decentralized method is unproductive, inefficient, and often frustrating for customers.

Create campaign templates for later use

You can collaborate with your team to develop a campaign from scratch using the campaigns tool, or you can utilize a campaign template as a starting point.

With the use of a campaign template, you may design repeatable marketing campaigns with a prominent level of effect. These procedures can also be used to monitor the construction of campaigns.

Repeat a past import

You can now omit several steps when importing records to HubSpot by selecting to repeat an earlier import. You may now easily upload a file, verify that your property mappings are accurate, and complete your import using this new functionality.

Users can expedite numerous processes with repeat imports, complete their import, and continue with their day.

Create multiple knowledge bases

One knowledge base could previously only be present in a HubSpot account. In a single HubSpot account, Service Hub Enterprise accounts can now host numerous knowledge bases with different branding and content.

Because they have a variety of products, brands, or client needs, businesses need to find strategies to support various audiences.

If all the answers are in one place, it can be difficult to discover them, which leads to consumer confusion and unnecessary customer assistance.

Honorable mentions

This month, some smaller updates were launched by HubSpot as well. These are

  • Saved views & new filterable properties in Lists
  • Form dashboard saved views
  • Random split lists

With those updates, your HubSpot experience becomes even better. Stay in tuned for our next HubSpot updates blog, in which we dive deeper into what new features were launched in May.