The 5 Best HubSpot Updates of July 2023

To get even better, HubSpot keeps making improvements. The daily rollout of new features, which are based on user feedback, will make your life easier. To get the most out of HubSpot, stay up to date on all new features! Here are the top five HubSpot updates from July 2023 that you can use now.

  1. Trigger workflows with (custom) events
  2. Content approvals: Landing Pages and Blog Posts
  3. Create Ad Goals within Ads
  4. Centralized audit log of security and login activity
  5. WhatsApp Improvements in the Conversations Inbox
  6. Google Enhanced Conversions
  7. [Public Beta] New CTAs available in Marketing Email

Trigger workflows with (custom) events

Workflows can now be started when an event occurs! This enables more timely and customized automation and more closely resembles how clients see automation.

HubSpot is streamlining customers' ability to design workflows while preserving functionality as triggers are transformed into events. For instance, the capability to start a workflow when a property value changes is a well-liked use case. When updating a property, you used to need to use "is known" or add a delay, but now you can just choose the "property value changed" event trigger to have it happen automatically. For a list of all the new triggers, go to the right.

Content approvals: Landing Pages and Blog Posts

Before releasing a landing page or blog post, demand or ask for approval. similar to how emails are currently approved.

The significance of working with people to produce content (landing pages, web pages, & blogs) has been emphasized by marketers time and time again.

Marketers can now host more of their content creation processes natively within HubSpot, experience fewer bottlenecks during the content creation process, have more confidence when reviewing, editing, and publishing content concurrently with other users, and easily track changes between draft versions throughout the content creation process thanks to HubSpot's Content Approvals.

Create Ad Goals within Ads

Introducing the Ads tool's new feature, which allows you to define ad goals! From the Analyze tab in Ads, you can now establish four separate ad targets and monitor their development:

  • Messages from first form submission
  • Cost per contact in a lifecycle stage
  • Network conversions
  • Number of contacts in a lifecycle stage

Setting goals for your advertising efforts is crucial since it enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. Now that HubSpot has key reporting capabilities, you can monitor these crucial Ad goals alongside it.

Centralized audit log of security and login activity

With the use of this new tool, Super Admins can monitor a centralized real-time audit log of the login activities of their users as well as any account-related security-related actions that users have made.

When something goes wrong in their portals, admins are frequently the first point of contact for both their account users and their organizations, who need information and data for security and compliance audits.

WhatsApp Improvements in the Conversations Inbox

The following updates to WhatsApp in the Inbox were just made available:

  • Read Receipts
  • Message Metadata
  • Message Quarantining
  • Move between inboxes

HubSpot keeps enhancing the WhatsApp experience to boost user satisfaction, offer simplicity and accessibility, and let you reach your customers where they are. Communication between our customers and their customers is made more efficient and effective by iterating and refining the WhatsApp channel experience.

Google Enhanced Conversions

The ad conversion events feature known as "Google enhanced conversions" can increase the precision of your conversion measurement and unleash more potent bidding. It enhances your current conversion tags by securely transmitting hashed first-party conversion statistics from your website to Google. Your first-party customer data, such as email addresses, is hashed using a secure one-way technique called SHA256 before being sent to Google.

It's critical for marketers to return conversion data to ad networks in a secure, privacy-first manner when cookies disappear and ad tracking is restricted. HubSpot will send information about completed onsite forms back to Google's servers with improved conversions. This will:

  • Recover conversions that would not have been measured otherwise.
  • Enhance bidding optimization via improved data.
  • Be privacy safe by hashing your first-party customer data.

[Public Beta] New CTAs available in Marketing Email

New CTAs can now be added to your marketing emails! You have the flexibility you need to design appealing and highly effective assets for your websites with HubSpot's brand-new reimagined CTAs.

Up until today, you couldn't include the new CTAs in your marketing emails. Simple buttons that don't provide a method to track the impact of the offer across numerous touchpoints were an alternative. While legacy CTAs did provide more comprehensive tracking, utilizing them in email frequently resulted in rendering problems. The CTA would render as an image rather than html, which frequently made it appear fuzzy, especially on mobile devices, and severely impacted the email's click through rates.

Because new CTAs are shown in HTML rather than as images, you can now track the impact of your offer across several touchpoints in a scalable manner thanks to their addition to marketing emails.

Your experience with HubSpot improves thanks to such improvements. Keep an eye out for our upcoming HubSpot updates blog, in which we go into more detail about the new features that were introduced in August.