The 5 Best HubSpot Updates of June 2023

To get even better, HubSpot keeps making improvements. The daily rollout of new features, which are based on user feedback, will make your life easier. To get the most out of HubSpot, stay up to date on all new features! Here are the top five HubSpot updates from June 2023 that you can use now.

  1. Workflow custom view and subfolders
  2. Copy and paste actions from one workflow to another
  3. Embedded automation in custom surveys for CSAT/NPS
  4. Mark a quote as signed
  5. This month’s Content Assistant (beta) updates

Workflow custom view and subfolders

Now that users and teams may set up folders inside folders, workflows can be more easily organized, located, and managed.

It takes longer and more effort to immediately comprehend how workflows are connected when more customers create workflows. To understand how individual workflows are connected to one another using the current workflow management techniques, you must investigate each workflow separately and produce external artifacts like spreadsheets and workflow mapping documents. Customers can filter and group processes with the help of workflow custom views and subfolders, or they can build a folder hierarchy that works with their automation approach.

Copy and paste actions from one workflow to another

Now, you can quickly build your automation by copying an action from one workflow and pasting it into another workflow in your portal. All customers who have access to workflows can now use it.

Many workflows are being created, and most of them, especially those with intricate branching or custom code, use the same actions and configurations. Until recently, cloning the entire workflow was the only option to make it simpler to reuse an action across several processes. Customers can now easily and effectively develop workflows, decreasing potential for human error and saving them time so they can concentrate more on strategic goals. This is made possible by offering the ability to copy and paste activities between workflows.

Embedded automation in custom surveys for CSAT/NPS

The advent of embedded automation in bespoke surveys for questionnaires that include a CSAT or an NPS item has been eagerly anticipated.

Custom feedback surveys provide you the freedom to gather client input using a range of question types. We recently made the support for widely used surveys like the CSAT and NPS available.

One of the key shortcomings was that the custom surveys did not permit setting up automation based on the CSAT/NPS ratings, despite the flexibility and consistency in assessing customer happiness or customer loyalty being beneficial to utilize.

With the addition of this functionality, you can now set up automation based on CSAT/NPS scores right inside the Survey editor.

Mark a quote as signed

Our quote customers will soon be able to manually modify a quotation's status to "Signed" thanks to new capabilities we're introducing.

To support appropriate reporting and filtering, customers find it useful to determine the proper status a quote is in. Currently, to enter the "Signed" state, the buyer must sign the quote and E-Signature must be enabled. The issue here is that certain customers don't use electronic signatures, which prevents them from changing their status to "Signed". For the purpose of enabling parity between written and electronic signatures, we have chosen to enable this functionality.

This month’s Content Assistant (beta) updates

The new Content Assistant had a few updates as well in the month June. The AI Content Assistant can now:

  • generate social captions;
  • draft your knowledge base article drafts;
  • generate page headlines, paragraphs and subsections within the page editor
  • generate and edit content for blogs
  • generate content for CTAs
  • generate or improve email copy
  • generate page titles and meta descriptions

These enhancements make HubSpot a better experience for you. Watch for our future HubSpot updates blog where we discuss the new features that were unveiled in July in further depth.