The 5 Best HubSpot Updates of March 2023

HubSpot is constantly evolving to get better and better. New features are launched daily by HubSpot based on feedback from the community and will make your life easier. Stay up to date with all new features to get the most out of HubSpot! We list the five biggest HubSpot updates of March 2023 that you can implement today.

  1. Cleaning up the workflow
  2. Drag and drop modules in blog post editing
  3. AI content assistant
  4. Customer Journey Analytics
  5. Honorable mentions

Cleaning up the workflow

With the button Clean up, you get recommendations on how to optimize your workflow. Through this, it is possible to improve the performance of your workflow and make it look more structured. Workflows are some of the most powerful tools that HubSpot has to offer. However, when a workflow get’s bigger, it can be a challenge to oversee the entire process. When a workflow is increasing in size, branches or actions, it may become harder to manage the workflow.

Through using the new Clean up feature, HubSpot will give recommendations on how to optimize your workflow. The recommendations are meant to optimize the structure and visualization of the existing branches.

HubSpot will not touch any of the current logic of actions. It will only recommend how you can simplify your workflow, giving you more clarity. Through this option, you get to manage your workflow more easily. HubSpot will give you suggestions with proposed improvements. If you wish to accept their suggestions, click Accept changes.

Drag and drop modules in blog post editing

If you are often busy writing blog posts, this feature will make your life better! It’s now easier than ever to add modules in your modules. Simply drag and drop specific a module, like a quotation module, into your blog. Your blog will highlight when the module shows up.

Beforehand, it was time consuming and difficult to add certain types of content to your blog. If you wanted to add a module to your blog, it often required the help of a developer. Now, you can do this all by yourself. This way, you can add more specific elements to your posts. This in return will also enhance the reading experience that you want to give to your readers!

AI content assistant

2023 seems to be the year where AI is becoming integrated in everyone’s life. HubSpot is not staying behind and has released their own AI content assistant. Using the same underlying technology as ChatGPT, the AI assistant helps in creating content for your readers.

The AI content assistant of HubSpot assists in creating and editing content. One of the many examples in which AI can assist you, is generating blog post outlines or page copy. You can even ask the AI to rewrite or shorten certain texts. The possibilities within creating content are endless and ever growing as AI continues to improve. You can use this technology for blogs, landing pages, website pages, marketing email, knowledge base, and sales email.

Customer Journey Analytics

Analyzing website behavior isn’t just something you can find in Google Analytics. To assist marketers in optimizing every stage of the buyer's journey, HubSpot is releasing Customer Journey Analytics today. You may calculate the distance between any starting place and any destination with this potent new reporting tool. You can determine which pathway will help you reach your goals, no matter what they are, by seeing how long it takes leads and consumers to finish a journey, where they are dropping off along the way.

Customer journey analytics compiles all your HubSpot data to understand which routes are working the best, allowing you to pinpoint the source of your success and determine where your campaigns and digital assets need to be optimized.

Some of the things that are possible through Customer Journey reports, are:

  • Mix and match lifecycle stages with other contact moments (like a page view)
  • See the avg. time it takes for contacts to move through a stage in their journey
  • See how different A/B tests perform against each other.

This feature is now available for companies who have Marketing Hub Enterprise!

Honorable mentions

In this month, some smaller updates were also released. Two of those deserve an honorable mention. Those two updates are:

3 new crawling & indexing recommendations

The 3 new recommendations are:

  1. Receive confirmation that the correct pages are blocked by your robots.txt file
  2. Receive information about broken pages
  3. Receive verification that the page is working properly

Random sample lists

Any list can now be quickly divided (up to 10 times) into several sub-static lists based on a chosen proportion of each. You were able to get a single, smaller cohort of a segment to assess a hypothesis using Lists Random Sample. Random Split Lists goes even further!

With those updates, your HubSpot experience becomes even better. Stay in tuned for our next HubSpot updates blog, in which we dive deeper into what new features were launched in April.