The 5 Best HubSpot Updates of May 2023

HubSpot is continually improving to become even better. Your life will be made easier by the daily introduction of new features that are based on community feedback. Keep abreast of all new features to make the most of HubSpot! Here are the five best HubSpot improvements from May 2023 that you can start using right away.

  1. HubSpot’s new CTAs tool
  2. WhatsApp module
  3. Email Health redesign
  4. New optimization recommendations
  5. Honorable mentions

HubSpot’s new CTAs tool

The new CTAs tool from HubSpot is now available to MH and CMS Professional and Enterprise clients in Public Beta.

The new CTAs tool makes it easier for you to stand out from the crowd and better grab the attention of website visitors, enabling you to use your website as a channel for your marketing initiatives. Without the aid of a developer or designer, you can now construct a variety of CTAs to suit your needs, including pop-ups, slide-ins, embeddable buttons, and banners. The drag-and-drop editor gives you complete freedom to customize your CTA precisely how you want while also ensuring that it adheres to your website's and your brand's rules.

WhatsApp module

With the help of this module, marketers and content producers can easily add a WhatsApp link to their page, making it simple for clients to contact their company.

To include click-to-message links effectively and quickly in their content strategy, marketeers and content producers are seeking for practical solutions. The purpose of this functionality is to make adding a WhatsApp integration to content seamless.

They may start chats and converse using WhatsApp thanks to this module without having to sift through numerous documents or go through a laborious setup.

Email Health redesign

A variety of new insights that provide an easy-to-digest, intelligible, and actionable overview of email performance have been included along with a revamp of the Health Tab's user interface.

Here are a few noteworthy improvements in the new layout:

  • A higher health rating: transferred to a 10-point scale
  • Beyond the present health states (3), more detailed health states (5)
  • Health score and email volume in a time series and tabular format
  • An improved FAQ section

For our customers to understand their entire email performance and reputation, the health tab is a crucial tool.

New optimization recommendations

We added 29 new original page performance, mobile, and SEO recommendations to your Recommendations in Content details to assist you in optimizing your website pages.

We provide over 40 different recommendations for pages across your entire website in the SEO Recommendations tool in Marketing/CMS Professional. Only 20 of those recommendations were, however, displayed in the Content Details section under "Optimize" and "Recommendations".

Honorable mentions

HubSpot has introduced a few more minor upgrades this month. These are:

  • [in Private Beta] AI Content Assistant for Social
  • [in Public Beta] Workflows Custom Views and Subfolders

Your experience with HubSpot improves thanks to such improvements. Keep an eye out for our upcoming HubSpot updates blog, in which we go into more detail about the new features that were introduced in June.