The main benefits of using HubSpot CMS for your content management


Are you looking for a new CMS? We would like to help you make a good choice. In this article, you'll discover several criteria that are important when selecting a CMS. You'll also discover what unique benefits HubSpot's CMS has to offer your organization.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for content management system. In a CMS, you manage all your content in a single place. Also, many CMSs allow you to build your website pages without coding. We call this drag-and-drop. 

Be careful, though, because not every CMS allows you to build your website without coding. So always check per CMS what the functionalities and options are.

Why use a CMS?

A CMS makes your life as a marketer a lot easier. In a Content Management System you create, optimize and manage all your blogs, landing pages and other content in one place. This gives you an overview and peace of mind. 

The advantages of a CMS for you:

  • A CMS gives you an overview. Your blogs, LPs and whitepapers are all together in one place. 
  • A CMS allows you to easily collaborate with your teammates.
  • A CMS provides manageability of your content.

Imagine this ideal situation: 

It's 8 a.m., you open your laptop. Last but not least, you grab your first coffee of the day. You log into your CMS. Then you get to work and spend all day writing blogs, optimizing landing pages and even creating a whole new website page. 

You look at the clock and see that it's 5 p.m. Your workday is already over. You ask yourself, "How many programs have I had to log into?" You realize you've only logged into one program - your CMS!

How do you choose the right CMS?

Have you been given the task of choosing a new CMS? Not an easy task! Because what criteria are important when making this choice? And what should you be extra focused on when comparing your options? 

Let us help you by giving you some of the most important selection criteria. Use the points below and make an informed choice:

1. Keep usability in mind

Your new CMS should make your life easier, not complicate it. Creating content and optimizing it should be intuitive. 

All of this should be possible without help from your programmers. Very nice as a marketer to be able to get to work without having to call in help. So check carefully how user-friendly your CMS is!

2. Consider future-proofness

People often make short-term decisions. For example, many people choose a CMS system that is the cheapest. Looking at the longer term, this is often not the right choice.

Imagine your organization is growing significantly (we all want this, right?!). In this case, you will want a CMS that grows with you. So check carefully whether a CMS is scalable in case your organization takes a big growth spurt.

3. Check how search engine friendly the CMS is

Your ultimate goal, of course, is for your website pages to be easily found organically in search engines such as Google and Bing. For good findability, things like headings, URL structure and alt texts are very important. 

So check whether your CMS allows you to differentiate between H1, H2 and H3 headings. Also take a good look at whether you can make adjustments to your URLs and whether you can add a so-called alt text to your images. Without these basic features, scoring that No. 1 position in Google is going to be tough!

Key benefits of HubSpot's CMS

What makes HubSpot's CMS unique?

  • The CMS communicates with your CRM

The CMS is not a standalone tool within HubSpot. Your website communicates seamlessly with your CRM. This allows you to track the activities of friends and customers on your site and also manage website data and customer data in one tool. Do you have a paid account within HubSpot? Then you also have access to the Marketing Hub and the Sales Hub. Do you see the Marketing tab in the image? You can easily build your website pages, blogs and landingpages into this Hub.

The main benefits of using HubSpot CMS for your content management

Does your visitor enter his or her e-mail address on one of your pages? Then this unknown visitor will become a contact. This new contact will be added to HubSpot's CRM functionality. Then you can nurture your contact further.

Then you keep track of exactly what your new contact does on your website. So you can see exactly which pages were viewed and which emails were received. A very cool feature, if I do say so myself!

The main benefits of using HubSpot CMS for your content management

  • You build your pages easily with drag-and-drop

HubSpot is known for its user-friendliness. The handy HubSpot website builder is the textbook example of this. Even for people who are not at all technical, using this tool is like child's play.

You simply drag and drop the various modules onto your page. This requires no coding skills whatsoever. Simply choose whether you want to add an image, text or a header and drag this item to the desired place on your page.

The main benefits of using HubSpot CMS for your content management

  • Your website really stands out among your competitors

When building your website in HubSpot, the doors open to various free themes and templates. With a website theme you forge your website into your desired style, while you use the templates to design your website page by page. HubSpot offers you 100's of different website themes. So there's a good chance that you will choose a different theme than your competitors.

The main benefits of using HubSpot CMS for your content management

What is the difference between WordPress' CMS and HubSpot's?

Here are the major differences between the two CMSs for you:

HubSpot CMS:

  • All-in-one tool for marketing, sales and service.
  • Seamless integration with HubSpot CRM.
  • Little need for additional plugins.
  • Intuitive usability.
  • Includes hosting, security and maintenance.
  • Built-in SEO and useful tools.

WordPress CMS:

  • Started as blogging software, now open-source CMS.
  • Large community, many themes and plugins.
  • Flexible and free.
  • Broad applicability.
  • Dependent on additional plugins for specific features.

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