Brand identity: what is the role of colors?

Brand identity: what is the role of colors?

As a marketer, you know better than anyone how important the identity of your brand is. A strong brand identity means that the target audience recognizes your brand directly based on your non-verbal communication. Communication without the use of words. Colors play an important role in this.

Brand identity

Color emits powerful signals and is an important element of your visual brand identity. Colors trigger emotions as well, and consequently, are quickly recognized by people. Did you know that colors can influence our mood and feelings? Therefore, it is wise to choose colors that align with the personality of your brand.

Brand awareness & sales

Colors determine a lot of things in our daily lives. This already starts at the birth of a child. A card with a blue design in our letterbox directly associates with a boy. Therefore, choosing the right color (combination) in business is also crucial. 

A study of The Color Marketing Group shows, among other things, that:

  • Color enhances recognition of a brand
  • Expressions with color stand out more than comparable black and white expressions
  • Color enhances sales decisions

Color Emotion Guide

Some brands have built such strong recognition with their brand, that we can recognize their colors without even seeing their company name. The below infographic "Color Emotion Guide" from the Logo Company, illustrates the meaning of colors and associates various brands with a particular color.

brand identity: kleuren en de bijpassende emoties

This way, the color red means sensation (excitement), youthful, powerful and bold. Brands such as Coca-Cola and Lay's fit nicely in this category. When we look at the color red in the field of marketing, we can also categorize brands such as Pinterest and YouTube. 

Watch out for your competition when choosing a brand color. If various competitors in your market area use the color blue for example, choose a different color so that you can differentiate yourself. Hence, do not blindly follow the information as displayed in the inforgraphic above. Take it as a guideline.

Which color is your brand?

Are you unsure about the color that best fits your brand? 

Perhaps the below video can provide some inspiration. This video provides insight into the meaning of colors and brands. The video starts with the colorful logo of Google:

Use your color consistently

Whichever color you choose for your brand: it is important to consistently use the same colors and designs in all your business expressions. This will help speed up the recognition of your brand. You can apply your color to a lot of different places: 

  • Business cards
  • Office space
  • Website
  • Quotes
  • Social media channels
  • Promotional gifts


Source: Social Media Today