Building a website yourself in CMS Hub vs having it built by the experts at Vet Digital

The main benefits of using HubSpot CMS for your content management

Are you going to build your website yourself? Or are you going to outsource it to a professional? Not an easy choice.  Fortunately, this article will give you a helping hand. Discover in this blog how to make a better-informed choice.

Why build your website in HubSpot's CMS Hub?

HubSpot's CMS Hub offers many benefits. In all cases, you benefit from these advantages whether you are going to build your website yourself or have your website built.

The benefits of the CMS Hub for you:

  • You can easily edit pages (no coding skills required!),
  • You will easily increase the findability of your site through SEO recommendations. 
  • You can create a personalized website for your visitors = higher conversions. 
  • You will get a secure website.
  • You can continuously improve your website through A/B testing. 
  • You make easy use of CTAs and forms. This is how you get new leads in!

Want to know more about Hubspot's CMS Hub? Find out on our webpage with information about CMS Hub

The benefits of building your website yourself

Building your website yourself in HubSpot's CMS is definitely doable. HubSpot is known worldwide for its user-friendliness. Once you get used to HubSpot, you'll never want to change to another system. Other systems, such as Salesforce and WordPress for instance, tend to be a lot less intuitive. 

Want to build your site all by yourself? Then get access to the intuitive HubSpot Website Builder. In this tool, you can easily build your website page-by-page.

Do you get scared when you hear the word "coding"? Good news: coding skills are not required within Website Builder! However, coding skills can make your website stand out from all your competitors. Chances are that several companies use the same HubSpot themes and templates. You can read more about this "disadvantage" in the next section.

Building a website yourself in CMS Hub vs having it built by the experts at Vet Digital

Do you have a limited budget? You could consider building the website yourself. Having a website built by the experts at Vet Digital does come with a price tag, of course.

The benefits of building it yourself at a glance:

  • Building in HubSpot's Website Builder is easy.
  • You don't need any coding skills!
  • HubSpot offers all kinds of free themes and templates. 
  • Building yourself is cheaper than outsourcing.

Disadvantages of building your own website in HubSpot

Big disadvantage of building it yourself: a self-built website most likely lacks a unique look and doesn't really stand out from your competitors. 

Do you choose to build your site all by yourself in HubSpot's CMS? Then your website will probably look fine. Want to take your website to the next level? Then outsourcing is the better choice. Remember your school days? Did you write your thesis with the goal of getting a C? Or would you rather get an A? 

Are you having your website built by Vet Digital? Then together we'll go for that A+! 

Benefits of building your site by Vet Digital

Outsourcing your website development has the great advantage of giving you a unique, professional and converting website.

Also, the speed, security, design, online findability, and conversion orientation will be up and running. After all, what's the point of a beautifully designed website if it doesn't result in more visitors and customers?

But how do we at Vet Digital ensure that our clients get a beautiful, but also high-performing website? We achieve this by combining different areas of expertise. When developing our customers' websites, we involve our web designers, marketing specialists, and developers. 

This way, we ensure that your website is not only beautiful, but that it also ticks all the boxes when it comes to marketing. In addition, the developers ensure that your website is perfectly customized. 

For specific needs, it is necessary to develop with code. Every organization is different and will have different needs, so using code is necessary when you want to use something that is useful for your business specifically.

Examples of sites built by Vet Digital:

Under the banner of "no words but deeds," below are some examples of sites we've created for our clients:


Below is an example of a website designed in HubSpot's CMS. This website was designed entirely with the Inbound philosophy in mind. This shows the importance of marketing knowledge when developing a website. After all, a beautiful design is only a starting point. Ultimately, you want your visitors to actually do the action you want them to do. For example, getting in contact with you.

Building a website yourself in CMS Hub vs having it built by the experts at Vet Digital


Another great case study is Check out the website and find out what a website made by Vet Digital looks like. 

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Building a website yourself in CMS Hub vs having it built by the experts at Vet Digital


See the results for yourself by visiting Contiweb's website. Curious about how Contiweb experienced the collaboration? Check it out in our case study:

Building a website yourself in CMS Hub vs having it built by the experts at Vet Digital

Disadvantages of having your website built by a professional

This disadvantage can be captured with only one word: "price." Do you choose to build your website yourself? Then you can do this virtually for free. It will only take you quite a few hours of your time! And the results will also be less sparkling. 

The honest story is simply that outsourcing website development comes with a price tag. Is your budget limited? Then developing your site yourself is a better option.

Getting your website built by Vet Digital?

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